11 Gemstones that Bestow Good Luck, Transforming Your Life

Everyone in this world wishes to get some lucky break. After all, in modern times, life has become an unending struggle and it may seem like nothing you try works. If you have tried your hand at a certain venture and failed, you know how demoralizing this feels can be and if you move to another thing and still find no success, life becomes more frustrating. Since the earliest civilization, man has tried seeking a solution to bad luck, in nature, and one of the areas of focus has been gemstones.

For centuries, people have believed that certain natural materials have the power to generate good energy and luck. If you always feel out of luck, it is time to go back to nature and find a solution in gemstones. These gemstones not only look good but wearing them also gives you positive energy, which is a great determinant of your success in life. Read on and find out more about these good-luck gems.

1. Peridot

This is called the money stone for a good reason. The crystal stone helps clarify your mind when thinking about wealth, and powers your brain to make the right choices. This stone increases willpower, well-being, and vitality. If you are after good luck in your moneymaking activities, it is time to start wearing Peridot jewelry.

2. Pyrite

This natural gem looks like gold and it has come to symbolize money, prosperity and good luck. Its radiating looks reflect those of the sun, and it connects you to the revitalizing energies of the sun. By wearing Pyrite jewelry, you will increase the power of the third solar Chakra and vitality. When in contact with your skin, the stone gives a zest for life, which is important when making decisions.

3. Amethyst

This is one of the most popular crystals for making alternative jewelry. However, you might not know that for a long time, people in areas where the stone originates, have always associated it with good luck. This gem brings harmony and restores balance in the toughest of situations. By connecting your intuition and inner voice, the stone boosts your decision-making process and inspires you to move on with vitality.

4. Citrine

This popular gemstone is popular among those who believe in the power of natural materials. It is the stone of prosperity, wealth, protection and good luck. It is believed that citrine keeps bad things away from your life and shines light into the toughest of situations.

5. Tiger’s Eye

If you have always wondered why people wear Tiger’s Eye jewelry, it is time to make a discovery. This is among the most common luck charms and it works. The lines on the gemstone indicate the many paths you can follow to success. It opens your eyes to the many opportunities that abound in your life.

6. Blue Kyanite

This is a stone of clarity and communication. In a world where opportunities require you to make a fast move, Kyanite jewelry is what you need to express your desires. It gives you that motivation and energy to actualize your dreams. It is a constant reminder to the wearer, to become assertive in every situation.You will find yourself always celebrating the decisions you have made.

7. Agate

When talking about good luck charms in the jewelry market, Agate always comes up in the discussion. It is one of the most powerful luck stones out there with its power coming from multiple quartz minerals that make it. This stone helps balance energies and at the same time attract good luck in your life especially in your finances.

8. Labradorite

This stone has a reputation in the world of magic due to its ability to transform an individual’s life. It boosts self-confidence and creativity to guide your life in the desired direction. Labradorite protects you from bad choices in life and strengthens your willpower.

9. Sapphire

Most people donot realize that Sapphires offer more than just beauty to the owner. The stone ignites the power to attract riches and helps recover lost wealth. It is a wisdom stone that will help you make the right choices in life.

This beautiful gem can easily blend into your gemstone diamond earrings to guarantee you look good and lucky. If you have discovered all your decisions have bad outcomes, it is time to invest in sapphire jewelry and wear it throughout to make better decisions.

10. Aventurine

Gamblers have revered this good luck stone for ages. It is the stone of opportunity and if you need good luck with your decision-making, you need to buy this jewelry and transform your life. It is one of the most powerful good luck gemstones for wealth.No wonder so many people wear it today.

11. Carnelian

This is a powerhouse for success and one of the luckiest good luck charms known to humans. Not only is this gemstone beautiful but it also brings courage, energy and creativity to anyone who wears it. If you always have fear making decisions in life, it is the time to invest in Carnelian jewelry and transform your life.

Other good luck gemstones worth mentioning include Malachite stone, Aura Spirit Quartz, Celestine crystals, Garnet, Clear Quartz, Amber crystals, black tourmaline and Ruby Crystals. These stones boost positive vibes in your mind to help enhance your decision-making and make you bolder in grabbing opportunities. If you have been feeling out of luck lately, it is time to get your groove back by wearing these good luck gemstones.

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