Extended Platinum Warranty

2 Years/4 Years Warranty

Dazzlingrock.com's Extended Platinum Plan Warranty is a plan that we have provided for our customers to purchase and enjoy worry-free ownership for 2 years or 4 years, beginning from the date that you receive the item you have purchsed.This Extended Platinum Plan covers all inspections, defects in materials, workmanship, including normal wear and tear, covered repairs and services to the jewelry. This included parts and labor necessary to fix problems which have occurred during ONLY normal usage of the jewelry, consistent with the conditions for which it was designed. Minor scratches that occur from normal wear will also be removed in this process. This warranty is only valid for manufacturing defect which is based on inspection and sole determination of Dazzlingrock.com's staff of highly trained jewelry professionals.


Jewelry that has been damaged as a result to excessive or abusive usage, been worked on by another jeweler warranty will be voided. This Plan also does not cover loss, theft, accidental abuse, and damage resulting to the jewelry from loss, act of god, stones over 1/10ct, or any consequential damages or loss of use resulting from the broken or damaged jewelry. If we determine in our sole discretion that your product cannot be repaired or your product provides for replacement instead of repair, we will replace your product with a product of like kind and quality that is of comparable performance or reimburse you for replacement of the product with a check, at our discretion, equal to the original purchase price of the product, as determined by us, not to exceed the original purchase price including all applicable taxes. This warranty is valid only for items that are purchased from Dazzlingrock.com.


Buyer will be responsible to ship the item to our office under all circumstances. Buyer must include Tracking, Signature Confirmation, and Insured Postage for return shipping. If we deem that the item is covered under our Warranty policy, we will do the necessary repair and ship it back to you.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us at 213-622-3264