Black diamonds are trendy but unique in their own way. While purchasing them, one has to forget the standards of shopping for colorless diamonds. Essentially, the 4 Cs of diamond do not really apply to black diamonds.

Black Diamond Rings - The Way They Are!

Black diamond rings fall under the category of fancy diamonds. Their unique color is formed due to the inclusion of graphite or because of the enhancement brought about by treating them with heat and irradiation. At Dazzling Rock, we take pride in our large collection of high quality black diamond rings that flaunt the best coloration and minimal inclusions. These features make our black diamond jewelry as desirable as the ones with colorless diamonds.

Classic Black Diamonds!

Most often, black diamond rings are crafted in either platinum or white gold. Also, when these diamonds get crafted in either yellow or rose gold, they give off their own unique appeal. At Dazzling Rock, we cut and develop high quality black diamonds to give you only the best. We also set these priceless stones in 14K and 18K gold and platinum for creating your dream ornaments. For instance, the elegant look of our collection of black diamond gold rings is something to die for!

Unique Features Of Black Diamond Jewels

Black diamonds are a hard form of gems. However, they should not be worn if you are working with your hands or exercising robustly. The presence of inclusions can make these gems more susceptible to break from blows; so you need to wear them carefully. The usual technique of cleaning such pieces is to use a mild dish soap solution and a soft brush to clean all hard to reach areas.

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