Commemorate your pledge with an eternal promise ring, in your own style – both for him and her! A ring by itself signifies a promise of a future together. A promise ring, as the name suggests, used to be given or exchanged by partners before they got engaged. Today, it has become a popular symbol of commitment towards each other between lovers, friends, and even family members. Yes, contrary to popular belief, promise rings aren’t just meant for romantic partners. While the promise itself is a special gesture, gifting or exchanging a promise ring is a tangible symbol of the commitment. Our promise rings help you show your loyalty towards any beautiful relationship and solidify the "bond of love."

Promise Rings for Him and Her

Show your dedication to your relationship with a stunningly gorgeous, yet cheap promise ring from Dazzling Rock. Our collections include promise rings, wedding bands and engagement rings for both genders – and are designed to display warmth and attachment to the future. Choose one from our huge selection of radiant and elegant diamond promise rings, and make that special moment truly unforgettable.

We Deal in Variety

Versatility is the standout feature of this category of rings. If you are on the lookout for a diamond promise ring for your girlfriend or an engagement ring to make your relationship official, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Metals, stones, shapes, and settings – there is no shortage of choices when it comes to contemporary promise rings at affordable prices. At Dazzling Rock, we provide different styles of "promise rings for couples", "promise rings for girlfriend" and "promise rings for boyfriend". Scroll through our wide range of diamond ring designs like – a zigzag diamond twirl, or an emblematic heart-shaped set; or, say, "I love you" with a solitary stone on a plain band holding a love message. We promise to present you with an array of exquisite but cheap promise rings to suit your perfect style.

Different Materials to Choose From!

Have you ever thought of gifting a sterling silver or gold promise ring, instead of the customary diamond promise ring? They are a classic choice! We offer many different materials and base metals to select from when it comes to promise rings for couples. Our selection takes advantage of sturdy yet reasonably priced alloys that look as good as traditionally preferred metals – do have a look at them before choosing your diamond promise ring.

Diamonds - Traditional and Stunning Choice!

This timelessly attractive and amazingly precious stone makes every promise ring light up! Yes, diamonds are indeed the first choice when it comes to investing in these eternal rings. For instance, a ruby promise ring matched with a glamorous gold or silver band, and paired with diamonds, is certainly worth the cause! If you prefer warm tones, you can pair your diamond promise ring with a rose gold band.

When and How to Give a Promise Ring?

A promise can be made by one person to another to signify a bond or a vow. While the promise rings concept is a hot favorite among modern couples or lovers as a pre-engagement or Valentine’s Day gesture, a diamond promise ring can also act as the engagement ring itself. Promise rings are also the perfect gifts for celebrating a special occasion like an anniversary, birthday, or graduation.

Going Ahead!

Whether you are searching for promise rings for him or her, our collection would surely pave the way for a beautiful present. The rings you purchase from us would symbolize the beauty of your budding relationship to the hilt. Diamond promise rings are the ideal way to say, "I’ll love you forever!" So, browse through the inventory on our online store and select the best promise ring for that best person in your life – today! Once you place your order at Dazzling Rock, you will receive an email with your order confirmation. You can track your order either by logging into our order tracking page or check your order status by calling 1-213-622-3264 or via e-mail at