Elegant and Stylish Tennis Diamond Bracelets are here to Stay

Tennis Diamond Bracelet

Tennis Diamond Bracelet

Are you looking for a piece of jewelry that is classy and elegant? Something that can be worn at formal and casual occasions with equal aplomb! The tennis diamond bracelet is the right choice for you. This kind of charming diamond studded bracelet is the first choice for sporty ladies. The perfect accompaniment to leisure wear, the tennis diamond bracelet has become a sensation in the sports jewelry category. It is timeless in styling and classiness and traces its history to a tennis match played by Chris Evert Lloyd at the U.S. open in 1987.

In the much-publicized match Lloyd had lost her diamond bracelet and the play was stopped till the offending piece was found. This prompted Chris Evert Lloyd to switch to wearing the flexible, symmetrical and sturdy bracelet that is so suited to the rigors of sports. Today the tennis diamond bracelet is worn as a statement piece by both sports persons and stylists alike. The stylish Serena Williams is often found sporting a tennis bracelet. In these skillfully designed bracelets, thin symmetrically studded diamonds are studded kin sequence to suit most wrists. As they very stylish and versatile in design, the exquisite bracelets can be worn at form, semi-formal and casual dos to make heads turn their way.

What is a tennis diamond bracelet made up of?

One of the staple designs in any reputed jewelry store is the tennis bracelet. Although the name suggests that it is a sports accessory, it is often made of varied materials and is a much sought-after design of the fine jewelry section. A beautiful tennis bracelet can be made out of a variety of materials like metal, leather or wood. These elegant pieces of art are traditionally adorned with stones, beads or feathers. The most enduring material of the lot contains a specially crafted metal wrist band studded with diamonds.

The tennis diamond bracelet is most often made in gold, with rose tinted gold or white gold becoming increasingly popular with the younger generation. Alternately, platinum and diamond are fast becoming the combination of choice. If you are looking for an economy design, you may opt for sterling silver too. The diamonds set on these bracelets are generally matched in size, color and cut. More often than not, the symmetrically studded diamond rows on these bracelets sparkle their way into your heart as no other bracelet can.

The right way to wear a tennis diamond bracelet

There is no right way to wear a tennis diamond bracelet. Most women prefer to wear it on the dominant hand. The bracelet is more likely to gain attention as it is your dominant hand that’s used more often. You may want to wear a watch on your other hand so the diamonds do not scratch the surface of the same. No other jewelry is generally needed to set off your shapely wrists.

The modern trend of wearing signature pieces at your throat or ears is very well complemented by the simpler row bound diamond rows set in a typical tennis diamond bracelet. There is a mesmerizing quality to the endless rows of glittering diamonds that catches your fancy in these jewel pieces. A simple design is often the best foil for spectacular signature pieces. The tennis diamond bracelet is often worn in multiples of three or four for a more formal effect.

How to care for your tennis diamond bracelet

The bracelet is often a piece of jewelry that is always on your wrist, so you need to take good care of it. In the same vein, a tennis diamond bracelet is also an expensive piece of jewelry and needs to be taken care of properly.

It is important that you check the prongs carefully once in a while to ensure that your bracelet is not missing stones. Even a single stone that goes missing can be an expensive proposition. It is a good idea to get it checked by your jeweler for loose prongs every few months.

The clasp needs to be checked for safety too. Remember, that is how Chris Evert Lloyd had the bracelet christened, by losing it to a loose clasp!

It is mandatory to wipe off sweat, dust and grime from the bracelet when you remove it. The acidic sweat may erode the metal and loosen the stones.

The tennis diamond bracelet is best washed with a mild detergent and water with a soft cloth. Rubbing with a brush or any harsh chemicals may be a bad idea.

The metal that is the base of the bracelet needs to be cleaned as appropriate. Gold needs a soft shine with a buff cloth, while platinum needs nothing at all. If you have opted for silver, you might want to work a little harder to remove the tarnish that tends to settle on the metal from time to time with a mild cleaner. The modern sterling silver bracelets are tempered with an anti-tarnish agent that creates a protective layer to repel oxidation, so it is important to clean them accordingly.

If you store your tennis diamond bracelet securely in a soft suede pouch away from humidity and dust it should last you a lifetime. After all a diamond are friends forever.

Buying your tennis diamond bracelet

Buying a tennis diamond bracelet is relatively a simple choice as the design has very little variation. Think of rows of matched diamonds in perfect symmetry and you have your bracelet etched in your imagination readily. Now, all that you need to do is choose the metal of your preference, and the size and cut of diamonds. The metal of choice often determines the budget that you set aside for the bracelet. Platinum tends to be the most expensive choice while sterling silver is the cheapest one. Tinted gold is good for people who like cutting edge designs, while the classic yellow gold and diamond linger as hot favorites with most women.

Choose the size and cut of the stones in your tennis diamond bracelet carefully. Too big diamonds would look gaudy, while the ones that are really small would appear inconsequential and unsubstantial. The size of the diamonds happens to be a major factor in deciding the budget of your bracelet. The bigger and clearer your stones, the higher the cost.

Way Forward with your Tennis Diamond Bracelet

Most stores carry the tennis diamond bracelet in many variants. You can choose the one that graces your wrist perfectly. Stores may offer a discount on these bracelets as a promotion during tennis season to cash in on the marketing rampage, so it may be wise to wait and watch the deal section across the stores. The latest trend is to buy your tennis diamond bracelet online. There are many jewelry stores that have debuted online and offer diverse varieties at very attractive prices. There are many deals available as most stores offer special prices to promote online shopping. The helpful side of buying online is that you have a huge bouquet of designs to browse through at the tips of your fingers. You do not have to go from store to store to determine which bracelet suits your design sensibilities and your budget both!

Do buy the perfect watch to accompany your tennis diamond bracelet. The slender dainty ones need an equally dainty watch on the other wrist, while the showier and chunkier ones need a chunky watch to balance the look. Whatever your choice, you can be sure that your bracelet is an asset that will be in vogue forever. Unlike other jewelry that might look inappropriate after a certain age, these diamond bracelets remain evergreen and exotic for years in a row. The timeless appeal of these bracelet makes them a “must have” in your wardrobe too- buy one today!

Diamond Eternity Rings Symbolize your Love Forever!

Diamond Eternity Rings

Diamond Eternity Rings

Are you looking for the most wonderful way of marking an important occasion of your life? Certainly, the truest celebration of love, diamond eternity rings are available to make your love-filled moments all the memorable and special. These long-lasting and beautiful rings are usually made from high quality stones and are purchased for gifting to a loved one on a special occasion such as an anniversary, engagement, marriage, birthday and so on. You will be happy to know that among many other ways of celebrating your love, presenting your special someone with exquisite-looking diamond eternity rings is the right way forward. Regardless of whether the band of one such diamond eternity ring is made of platinum or gold; the inlaid gems will make your love sparkle like no other.

Crafted to perfection by ace designers, these exquisite pieces of jewelry are for keepsake and undoubtedly add volumes to the collections of young and old wearers. The most popular designs of diamond eternity rings are the ones that boast of pave or channel setting of diamonds or any other precious or semi-precious stones to make jewelry collections more worthwhile. The most used gemstones are diamonds, sapphires and rubies that are studded for covering the entire band, just the top part of the band, or to be arranged in any other fashion that’s deemed suitable by the wearer of diamond eternity rings.

In the 1960s, De Beers, the very reputed diamond firm, had come up with the interesting idea of launching high quality and elegant diamond eternity rings. These profound pieces of jewels that showcased the eternal love of their wearers were targeted at married, older women. If we go back in time and fish out the marketing slogan that made them the cynosure of all eyes, you would be smitten to read the words that mentioned, “She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going”. However, in those days, as these diamond eternity rings were not compulsorily exchanged between lovers, there was no hard and fast binding that they be purchased from dealers and local vendors on special occasions. In most cases, these rings and bands were in the form of simple eternity rings made of gold, silver and other metals.

Very soon, the rage of buying and gifting dazzling diamond eternity rings caught up like no other and it became common for ladies to start flaunting them at social dos and occasions. Be it weddings, anniversary parties or birthdays, these beautiful rings and bands were seen making their mark in more ways than one. The best part about the use and purchase of these everlasting diamond eternity rings was that they were not merely restricted to traditional occasions like 60th marriage anniversaries, or diamond anniversaries, as they are commonly called. In fact, instead of waiting full six decades of one’s life, wearers started flaunting diamond eternity rings made of precious and semi-precious stones at just about each phase of their life.

From celebrating one-year, five-year, ten-year of any other wedding anniversary to marking the birth of a child or any other special occasion considerably, these diamond eternity rings were the right way to celebrate. For instance, even till date, the birth of child is often celebrated by the gifting of an eternity ring set studded with either diamonds or sapphires, or both – blue sapphires are generally used for boys while pink make it to the jewelry collection of young moms who have given birth to baby girls.

According to experts in the field of manufacturing and selling different types of diamond eternity rings, there exists a pertinent trend of young couples purchasing these kinds of rings much sooner in life than it was being done in the past. In some case, it is very common to find couples in their first few years of marriage exchanging diamond eternity rings to complement their engagement rings and wedding bands to perfection. Platinum eternity rings and diamond eternity rings are invariably the most popular of the lot because of their long lasting and durable nature. If you look around carefully, you are likely to get access to many different kinds of e-catalogues on reputed websites for jewelers selling diamond eternity rings. Most of the products sold online in this jewelry category, especially the best quality diamond eternity rings crafted to perfection, are the most coveted of the lot. They reflect elegance and grace and are known to possess sparkling gems that add to their value in multiple ways.

The diamond eternity rings sold by online jewelers offer the charm of emerald cuts that reflect the femininity of things that are softer. In usual parlance, these rings are worn by wearers on the opposite hand to that on which the wedding ring is worn, mainly because of the bigger stones they flaunt. Once you come across an impressive collection of diamond eternity rings of your choice, do look for round brilliant diamonds that are interspersed with high quality diamond-set bars – you will love to flaunt them on your fingers or gift them to a loved one.

In case of wearers who are married, diamond eternity rings are generally worn in between or above the and engagement ring. If the band happens to be wide, such that it fails to create a sleek appeal, it can be flaunted on the third finger of the left hand or on the right hand. For gaining the look of the ring trio, it is indeed a well-accepted idea to invest in diamond eternity rings that are of the same kind as the other rings in your existing collection. There are several jewelry designers who design diamond wedding sets to complement diamond eternity rings purchased at any later stage of life.

Concerned about the cost of purchasing diamond eternity rings? While the ones categorized as full eternity rings have an entire circle of diamonds and other precious or semi-precious stones studded on their circumference, they end up costing up to 2-3 times more than the half eternity rings that have stones set on their upper portion only. The full diamond eternity rings are traditionally known to express eternal love and have additional number of stones than half eternity diamond rings that are quite popular among those with limited budget.

It is interesting to note the ways in which the fine line between diamond eternity rings and wedding rings is getting blurred these days. In fact, there are many jewelers who list diamond eternity rings in the wedding rings and bands section of their product catalogues. Contemporary, striking, and providing full value for investors’ money, platinum wedding bands crafted with baguette-cut diamonds often make for the best and most perfect eternity rings.

In a nutshell, it is clear that diamond rings are no longer confined to the genre of diamond wedding rings and diamond engagement rings only. Exquisite and high-quality diamond eternity rings are equally glamorous and stylish. Truly, you cannot have too many of these beautiful rings that pledge your eternal love in the most sophisticated and interesting manner.

Go ahead and invest in the diamond eternity rings of your choice, you will not be disappointed.

Diamond Anniversary Rings Are For A Lifetime Too!

Diamond Anniversary Ring

Diamond Anniversary Ring

A few years into marriage and you may find that the spark is missing, well, don’t fret! A dazzling diamond anniversary ring expresses your love for your partner and will work hard to make your relationship stronger than before. Anniversaries are symbolic of the fact that your relationship has sailed through a lot of ups and downs in life. They tell you that there is a lot that goes into making a marriage work. Marriage is an adventure and an epic tale of romance; so, why not celebrate this eternal bond of yours by gifting a diamond anniversary ring?

Create a Unique Diamond Ring for Anniversary

Do you want a ring that’s different? Nowadays, jewellery designers are working around the clock to design rings that are unique in more ways than one. From the most exclusive designs to the color of gemstones used, plenty of beautiful and gorgeous rings are being churned out every day. Select a gemstone that complements the design and luster of your existing jewellery. You will love to flaunt your diamond anniversary ring along with them, right? Also, as you look around carefully, you will find your favored jewelers trying out some unusual metals for creating the bands of the rings being crafted by them. Here we discuss a few of these unusual metals.


Over the years, as an alternative to expensive metals like white gold and platinum, titanium is fast gaining popularity amongst men and women. This industrial metal is hard and durable; therefore, machines have to be used for carving and honing these perfectly designed rings.

Advantages of Titanium

Titanium has three times the strength of steel and is the strongest metal found on Earth; therefore it does not dent or scratch easily, thereby making it a good choice as an everyday wear ring.

You can set a diamond or any other colored gemstone on a titanium ring. Just that, since titanium is a very hard metal, jewellers choose to inlay a softer metal like gold or platinum for creating more intricate designs; this is done before the diamonds are set on the rings. Well, take the help of a jewellery expert and create a unique diamond anniversary ring that is durable and long lasting, just like the love and commitment for your partner.

This industrial metal is found naturally and is capable of being shaped and styled into a ring of your choice, therefore, making it a more cost effective and affordable metal than all others in the reckoning.

Men who rarely wear jewellery find that titanium looks more masculine because of its sleek look. They love to flaunt the durability and strength of this unbreakable metal.

Since this metal is found naturally in nature and is not mixed with any other metal, it is bio-compatible with almost every person’s skin.


Of late, gold and platinum have become very expensive, forcing jewellery designers to look for alternative metals. Palladium is a platinum group metal and is alloyed with elements like Ruthenium and Iridium for giving off the best effects. Since the color of palladium is darker than platinum, the fire and brilliance of diamonds becomes all the more prominent when set within the same.

Advantages of Palladium

Palladium is a naturally white metal and doesn’t discolor with time; therefore it doesn’t need to be plated to maintain it shine.

It is lighter than platinum and can be shaped easily.

Care and maintenance of a palladium ring is easy, all you need to do to maintain its natural beauty and luster is use a mild solution of soap and warm water and gently brush it with a soft-bristled brush.


Meteorite rings are beautiful and one of their kind. The three main types of meteorites are stony meteorites which are rich in silica; and then, there is iron meteorite which contains a large portion of iron in it; the third type is the stony-iron meteorites which contain pockets of olivine and pyroxene surrounded by an iron matrix. Jewellery designers are working with this unique metal to churn out some beautiful diamond anniversary rings. Yes, you will definitely be appreciated when you gift your partner with a gorgeous looking handcrafted anniversary ring made from this unique metal.

Mystical Properties of Meteorite

It is believed that the person who wears this rock will attract prosperity and money towards self.

The healing and health benefits of this rock are tremendous, it is believed to get rid of addictions, phobias and bad habits.

A Little More about Anniversary Rings

Anniversary rings can be worn in any finger you like; there is no hard and fast rule for it. There is no wrong way to wear your anniversary ring, but if you let your jeweler know in advance the finger and the hand that you want to wear it on, then, they can style and design your ring accordingly.

Traditionally, on anniversaries, a watch was considered to be the best gift for a man. But, should you always follow traditions? Well, it is entirely up to the taste and preference of you and your man. If he loves to wear jewellery, then why not gift him a diamond anniversary ring? Jewellers are designing many different kinds of rings for men too – from designer rings to something simple and affordable, they are all there. All you have to do is talk to your local jeweler or browse online for all the designs and choose the option that suits your style and budget to the hilt. Of course, men too can make a statement with their one of a kind of anniversary ring.

Way Forward

The question is whether you want your anniversary ring to be similar to your engagement or wedding ring or you want something totally different and unique. Since anniversaries are a time to renew your commitment and love for each other, there is no harm in stretching a bit and going in for a one of a kind of diamond anniversary ring. Yes, your taste over the years may have changed, so depending on your style and taste, take the help of jewellery experts and choose an anniversary ring either to compliment your wedding band or just go for something totally different.

Surprise your better half with the ring of his/ her dreams!

3 Quick & Handy Ideas for your Next Anniversary Present

Diamond Anniversary Rings

Diamond Anniversary Rings

Got an anniversary coming up? Finding the perfect gift can be quite an unnerving adventure for new anniversary shoppers. Yes, I am talking to you! You don’t have to be clueless any longer! With these totally awesome ideas you can probably find yourself something quite breathtaking to ensure that she never leaves you!

So without further ado, here are some quick ideas that will definitely come in handy for your next anniversary present.

1. Dinner and Dancing

A simple yet elegant idea for the perfect anniversary night with your beloved. Okay this isn’t really a gift, it’s more of a gesture but it does the trick every time. First you need to get her out of the way for a couple of hours so you can prepare the scene. Ask a close friend or sibling to take her out under some pretext. Then quickly proceed to preparing an extravagant meal complete with champagne and a romantic dessert. If you aren’t much of a cook just call a catering company!

Don’t forget to set up an area with roses and whatever else makes for a romantic setting that you can use later for dancing. After you have wined and dined your lady, play some soft, slow music and take her over to the dance floor to complete the perfect night.

2. Jewelry

You can never go wrong with jewelry. But then again, only if you get the right jewelry! And the way to do it is this:

– For weeks leading up to the anniversary (and this only works if you don’t forget that you have an anniversary coming up) keep a keen eye out for her own personal style in jewelry.

– See what kind of earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces she wears on a daily basis and make a note of the general tone of the jewelry.

– It should fall into one of these broad categories: a) chunky, b) delicate, c) metal set with stones, d) only metal.

– Once you notice a general theme running through all her jewelry, it should give you a better idea of what to buy when you go to a jewelry store.

3. Customized Diamond Rings

I know we already covered jewelry as a gift idea but I really did feel like diamond anniversary rings needed a section all to themselves. Diamond rings by themselves will have a woman gawking uncontrollably. Add customization to the mix and you will hit the jackpot of gifts. There is really nothing like a customized diamond ring to keep her bound to you forever! And if you find a woman claiming that she doesn’t like diamonds, she’s fibbing.

But jokes aside, diamond rings make for a really grand gift and will definitely have her glowing with pride every time she wears it! You can get custom made diamond rings online at Dazzling Rock. The website is full of glittering wonders that can keep you occupied for hours! You can mix and match different styles, gems and metals until you find the perfect combination for her.

Better still, you can see the changes being made in the ring every time you select a different metal or stone, giving you a pretty decent preview of what your final product will look like. You can choose to engrave the ring with a special message for her, of course. So definitely hop onto their website and take a look at their collection.

But wait, imagine what would happen if you combined the dinner and dancing with the jewelry and diamond ring? Well actually, you don’t need to imagine. Why not give it a try and see what happens? I don’t think the result will be half bad.

Diamond Engagement Rings are the Way to your Woman’s Heart

Diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings are forever and must be the most important purchase of your life. Not only do they signify your commitment to the love of your life, they are also (most probably) the most expensive purchase that you may have made till date. It is important that if you want to buy diamond engagement rings all on your own, and without her help, you must be aware of a lot of factors that go into the purchase of this important piece of jewelry that has a lot of sentiments attached to it. You would definitely not like returning the ring for another one.

Understanding her taste in jewelry

It is of utmost importance that you know and understand your partner’s taste in jewelry. It is a good idea to pay attention to what kind of jewelry she wears on a regular basis. Is she partial to classic pieces or is she the modern and cutting edge designer type? Is she more fond of white metals or gold? Does she lean towards delicate pieces or are chunky pieces her scene? Keep a track of her choices as they will the blueprint of your choice. If you are aware of her choice you have very little chances of going wrong when buying diamond engagement rings. These days, there is absolutely no dearth of designs to choose from at online and offline stores. All that you need to do is chalk out your preferences and budget and you are good to go once you have put in ample research hours.

Knowing her ring size

Does your partner wear rings? If yes, you are almost there. “Borrow” her ring and trace the inner side onto a piece of paper or press it onto a bar of soft soap to get an impression. If that sounds difficult, just slide the ring down one of your fingers and mark the place where it stops. Voila! You have her ring size. Your jeweler should be able to use these measurements to get the size of her ring.

It is a tad more difficult if she does not prefer to wear rings. The way out is to make an educated guess. The average size that ring wearers in the U.S use is size 6. If your fiancée is slender and petite, a ring size of 4 ½ to 5 ½ range would serve as the right size. If she is bigger boned or even taller then the ring size could be 6 ½ to 7 ½. It is a good idea to buy a bigger size as it is easier to resize a bigger ring than a smaller one.

Shape, size, color, clarity matter a lot

If you are already aware of your partners likings things are easy, but it is wise to remember that people wear their diamond engagement rings till they are married. It is a safer bet to not go for a very modern or edgy design as trends change with age and a classic ring looks good through the years. Do also keep in mind that the engagement ring is often paired with the wedding ring and a classic design is easier to match. Shapes are a personal preference and also can affect the cost of the ring. So, if you are on the lookout for a bargain, do look out for shapes that are easier on the pocket.

If your partner is more traditional and likes clean lines in clothes, furniture etc. she is more likely to appreciate round or square shapes as well as more traditional colors like white. But if she likes to experiment you can opt for a pink, orange or yellow diamonds too. After all, whatever the color, diamond engagement rings are the best ways to impress your girl.

The cut of the diamond refers to the facet arrangement that is done while it is prepared for consumer use. Diamonds are cut in brilliants, princess, marquise, cushion, Asscher, emerald, oval and many more cuts. These cuts (again) determine the look of the diamond engagement rings and their value. If you have a low budget look for cheaper cuts like the cushion and the Asscher cuts. A solitaire is always a solitaire, regardless of the cut!

The bigger the carat weights of the diamond the bigger the price tag. Do not break your budget when you buy diamond engagement rings. Look for a size according to your pocket. A friendly tip, buy a stone with uneven carat weight to get a good bargain. For example, instead of a full carat look for a 90 cent stone, it will be considerably cheaper.

How to decide on the perfect setting for the diamond engagement rings?

You may want to decide the setting and the style and buy a readymade ring. There is an exhaustive range of diamond engagement rings that’s available in offline stores and online jewelry portals in many designs and settings. Else, you may decide to choose a stone first and then create a setting for the stone according to her choice or your idea of what she would like. Your jeweler will be quite happy to create a design for you.

When you finalize a design do keep in mind what kind of lifestyle your partner follows. If she is the sporty and outdoorsy kinds, she would like a ring that is smaller and less ornate. The ring should not be likely to hit or snag things easily. If she is the quieter kinds she would probably like the rings which are a little more elaborate but classic and ever green. A flashy and outgoing girl would like a ring that suits her personality, a ring which is large, striking and a conversation starter. Diamond engagement rings are available in varied cuts, colors, shapes, and settings, choose the one that suits you best.

The preconditions of buying the perfect diamond engagement rings

The first thing that you must keep in mind is that you should keep a fixed budget. When you are buying something so close to your heart, a manifestation of your love to your soul mate, it is easy to lose perspective. You want to buy the best that is available; but there is a word of caution here. Fix a budget before you start looking and stick to it. Diamond engagement rings are available in a wide range and there is one to suit every budget.

Be sure of the type of ring you want to buy. You are likely to be confused once you see the variety that is available in the market. So, make a note of your loved one’s preferences and then start looking. Do not deviate from your choice even if the sales attendant shows you a mind boggling variety. After all the recipient of the diamond engagement rings has a choice of her own.

Look for bargains as most stores have some offers or the other going on across the year. It is a good idea to look for deals online. There are many stores with an online presence that are known to offer promotional deals that can save you a lot of money. Buy the perfect diamond engagement ring for your partner and demonstrate your love in the best possible way. Once you manage to choose the right diamond engagement rings, it is essential that you understand the methods of taking good care of the same. Your diamond engagement rings are meant to last a lifetime and will be worn in conjunction with the wedding rings. Given this, it is a good idea to take all necessary steps to keep scratches and abrasions at bay – you would not like to flaunt dull –looking rings, would you?