Beautiful & Sparkling Tennis Diamond Bracelet to Woo Your Senses

Sparkling Tennis Diamond Bracelet

Sparkling Tennis Diamond Bracelet

Are you on the verge of celebrating your special someone’s birthday or a loved one’s anniversary? Well, surprise her! This birthday, get to your girl’s heart by slipping a sleek and elegant tennis diamond bracelet on her wrist. Rest assured the sparkle of the gorgeous diamond bracelet is going to reach her eyes too.

Are you wondering about the features of this specific kind of bracelet called the “tennis bracelet”? Well, this thin and simple piece of fashion jewellery that goes on the wrist became popular and got its name when the women’s tennis champion, Chris Evert, lost her diamond bracelet during a U.S Open match in 1987. Since it was an expensive diamond bracelet, Chris Evert requested the officials to pause the match till the bracelet was found. The worldwide televised search for the diamond bracelet of the famous tennis star made it popular and hence the name “Tennis Diamond Bracelet”. Interesting, right?

These dainty looking tennis bracelets are also known as inline or eternity bracelets because they use small diamonds that are set in a thin line along the entire length to create a single bracelet. The serpentine-like structure of the small inline diamonds is flexible and gives it a very sleek and elegant look. Most tennis diamond bracelets feature different colored stones like morganite, emerald, ruby or aquamarine, but the traditional stones for a tennis diamond bracelet are “White Diamonds” because they are harder and do not damage easily.

Depending on the style and preference of your loved one, and of course the budget that you have at your disposal, you could either have the diamonds flushed besides each other, which means more diamonds on the bracelet, or you could have these diamonds spaced evenly along the entire length of the tennis diamond bracelet. Whatever design you choose, you can be assured of getting your hands on an exquisite piece of jewel that is timeless, classy and packed with the grandeur of diamonds to set it apart from the rest.

Different Types of Tennis Diamond Bracelets

The two most popular types of tennis diamond bracelets are the classic style which is more flexible and the bangle style.

Classic and Fashionable Tennis Diamond Bracelet

Add style to any outfit with this classic piece of fashionable jewellery around your wrist. This chain style tennis diamond bracelet is flexible and can be adjusted in length according to the circumference of your wrist by either adding more links to the chain or by removing some so that it can snugly and comfortably fit around your wrist. According to your taste and budget, you could mount the small sized diamonds on 14K or 18K yellow gold, white gold, platinum or rose gold, even sterling silver is a preferred metal since it is more affordable.

The cut and shape of the diamond add more sparkle to the bracelet like a round or princess cut diamonds makes for a tennis diamond bracelet that can complement a casual or a glamorous look. So, ladies, you don’t have to be a tennis player to own a tennis diamond bracelet, this beautiful and stylish diamond bracelet has stood the test of time and continues to be the most popular style. The question that comes to mind while buying a tennis diamond bracelet is, “What would you pair it with?” Well, for most occasions, a tennis diamond bracelet alone would complement your look, but if you want to be more dressy, then you could pair your tennis diamond bracelet with a pair of diamond stud earrings and a small diamond pendant on a thin chain around your neck to complete your look. Perfect for formal and semi-formal occasions alike, these bracelets are generally worn in combination with a matching pair of diamond earrings or a diamond pendant to complete the look.

The Traditional Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Diamond bangle bracelets are made of metal with diamonds that are mounted around the entire length of the bangle and they generally hold their shape. The sizes of these metal diamond bangle bracelets cannot be adjusted, therefore you will need to check whether the size of the bangle is just the right size so that they slip over your hand without any difficulty and stay on your wrist without falling off. The biggest advantage of bangle bracelets is that you can mix and match bracelets of different kinds to match it with your other accessories. Yes, you can make these diamond studded bangle bracelets as wide as your pocket allows or they can even be sleek and elegant like a tennis diamond bracelet with diamonds studded all around them.

So, in order to replicate the design of a diamond bracelet that you may have fallen in love with in a fashion magazine, all that you have to do is work with a jewellery designer and discuss the style and pattern of the bracelet, then leave it to the expert to custom-design a perfect diamond bangle bracelet that will sparkle on your wrist. With the right research and style inputs in place, you can look forward to getting a masterpiece on your hand very soon.

Tips for Buying Tennis Diamond Bracelet Online

There is no doubt that online websites have a wider variety of options as compared to local jewellery stores. Just log in and browse through all the options from the comfort of your home, but before finalizing your deal online, ensure that the dealer online is a genuine one. If you don’t have any knowledge about diamonds beforehand then you are most likely to get confused with the many options that are available online.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind while looking for a tennis diamond bracelet? Undoubtedly, comfort! Do you like to wear a bracelet that is tight around your wrist or something that is loose and drapes your hand in a more casual manner? Online jewellery dealers give you the freedom to browse through their inventory without being hassled by a salesman to complete the purchase.

While purchasing a tennis diamond bracelet online, the high-quality photographs allow you to get a full 360-degree view of the diamond bracelet that you are going to purchase. If for some reason, you are not satisfied with the diamond bracelet, then most online dealers would give a 30 days return policy on your purchase. Isn’t that the most comfortable way of buying a diamond bracelet online?

What you see and choose online is what you get! Purchasing a tennis diamond bracelet is definitely an investment which you would love to flaunt to family and friends. So ladies, what stops you from treating yourself with a gorgeous tennis diamond bracelet that will surely complement your style?

Any jewellery collection is incomplete without the glitter and elegant flair of a tennis diamond bracelet, go for the classiest design to add more value and glitz to your existing collection.

8 Hottest Trends of Unique Diamond Rings for 2017

Unique Diamond Rings

Unique Diamond Rings

Diamond is unique and so as diamond rings. If you are dreaming of getting the most unique of diamond rings available off-the-shelf for your big day, which is probably just around the corner, this post can certainly be of some help. There are plenty of styles and metal options to choose from, but the following are the 8 hottest unique diamond rings’ trends of the year. Let’s get on to it.

The Halo

In Halo setting, small gemstones surrounding the center diamond adds to the glamor of your ring. Top jewelry designers believe vintage-theme and geometry based halo-setting diamond rings will become a huge trend this year in 2017.

A Pinch of Color

A splash of color makes your diamond ring look bold and beautiful. The colored stone ring was quite in vogue last year and the trend will remain on high charts in the current year too, say the leading jewelry designers.

However, instead of a single color stone ring, this year it will be more about a two stone ring. Imagine a ring with a sapphire and white diamond stone in it or a double halo ring with pink and white colored small diamonds encircling the center stone.

Indeed two-stone ring style makes an excellent choice when there is a splash of color. You can browse online jewelry stores to explore some more ideas of unique diamond rings with a pop of color. You will find many rings that will make you fall head over heels.

The Sides’ Embellishment

If you like a non-traditional style and need more diamonds instead of one big stone in your diamond ring, you should consider shopping a ring that has smaller diamonds in the row on both the sides of the main setting, unlike the Halo setting. It’s all about some extra sparkle, isn’t it?

The Antique-Style & Vintage Rings

You can never go wrong with a Victorian era or Edwardian era inspired diamond ring on your finger. It looks classic and sensational at the same time. These rings have more intricate designs with a touch of feminism. So many diamonds, colored gemstones and precious metal in these vintage-inspired and antique-looking diamond rings will make you fall in deep love with them. These jewels have a unique charm.

Black is the new white

No, it’s not the Paul Mooney book I am referring to. It’s the black diamond rings instead. Yes, you heard me right. Black diamonds are making a huge trend in the jewelry world this year. It’s unconventional but it is a sure shot way to have a truly unique diamond ring that will make you stand out in the crowd. Black symbolizes power, elegance, and passion. A princess-cut black diamond engagement ring with white diamonds looks breathtaking!

The stackables

Many modern brides are under the complete influence of stacked diamond rings and bridal sets. This style has been gaining good popularity in last few years and if we hear to the designers, there will be more brides in 2017 that will choose stacked diamond rings and diamond bands for their wedding bling.

Well, keep your eyes on Instagram and Pinterest accounts you follow, and you will surely notice many feeds with stacked rings. The coolest part is, these rings are totally customizable. Meaning, you can wear as many bands as you wish. Adding some more glitter on your ring finger isn’t bad at all! A trio stack of white diamonds and yellow, rose and white gold rings look wonderful.

The Square Diamonds

Square shaped unique diamond rings are a next big trend to watch out for while shopping your engagement ring. Many popular celebrities who have got engaged recently have fallen for the square-shaped center diamond engagement ring. This style is more suitable for those brides who are looking for minimal glamor and want a ring to symbolize their distinguished persona.

The split double shank

Imagine one diamond band splits into two bands and then meet at the center diamond stone. Double shank trend became popular in 2016 and 2017 will see unique diamond rings with pave bands, says the designers. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind style for your engagement ring or wedding ring, diamond-studded split double shank makes a fabulous choice. It’s unconventional, contemporary and dazzling.

Now you know the 8 biggest trends in unique diamond rings in 2017. Start shopping online!

Keeping Diamond Solitaire Pendants Sparkling

Diamond Solitaire Pendants

Diamond Solitaire Pendants

The beauty of diamonds is in their shine. Diamond solitaire pendants rank top among the most beautiful accessories in the world. This style and quality can only be maintained with proper care of the gemstones. This is why experts in gem care have come up with a guide on how to keep your diamond solitaire pendants polished and shiny. It requires regular maintenance, cleaning and storage. The tips are given by master jewelers who have handled the stones for years. Their passion is to see sparkling stones, as beautiful as they looked when they were first purchased. A well polished stone elicits pride and accessorizes you appropriately. Part of protecting the jewel is by following this professional cleaning and maintenance guide.

Diamond remains the hardest and longest lasting gemstone in nature. Its hard nature resists even the coarsest scratching. Diamond solitaire pendants have proven their worth by surviving years exposed to elements without losing their shine. Diamond has a natural sparkle that makes it attractive to the eyes. This sparkle is unrivaled and that is why it remains the most common material for wedding and engagement rings. Diamond solitaire pendants are also used to commemorate undying love and loyalty.

The fact that diamonds are resistant to scratching does not mean that they should be exposed to elements in a haphazard way. Gentle treatment for diamond solitaire pendants protects other materials like the metal that is used to mount the pedant. If the pendant is surrounded by deformed, rough and colorless metal, its quality will be lowered.

Exposing the necklace to coarse treatment leads to extensive damage and may cause the pendant to dismount. The stone may also chip depending on the extent of force used. Maintenance requires the use of jewelry cleaner and warm water. This will keep your stone sparkling and brilliant. There are homemade cleaning solutions that will keep your diamond solitaire pendants in elegant shape. This solution is prepared using six parts of water to one part of ammonia. The jewelries are dipped into the solution for up to 20 minutes. To clean it effectively, you need to a brush that can get to all corners of the mounting metal. It is recommended that you use a bristle brush.

Be careful how much force you use on the mounting metal. You should also be careful not to use substances that are likely to react with the mounting metal. An ultrasonic cleaner should not be used on diamonds. It causes them to loosen from the mounting. Once diamond solitaire pendants dismount, it will be difficult to restore the original quality.

Professional cleaners are ready to keep your pendant well polished. This should be done at least twice in a year. The professional cleaner uses recommended substances, techniques and procedures that safeguard the quality of your pendant. This will restore the faded brilliance without affecting the strength of prongs that hold the jewel.

Proper maintenance also involves storing the pendant well when not under use. The diamond solitaire pendants should be stored in a cloth porch or a case that is cloth lined. This treatment ensures that they do not come into contact with corrosive materials or scratch on other fine jewelry. The cloth is used to keep off dust from the surface of the pendant. You will also not have surface residue on your diamond, which keeps it sparkling.

Diamond Solitaire Pendants Setting Guide

Every woman loves uniqueness. No one wants a pendant that is used by everyone else. This is why there are categories of pendants from which to choose. These categories offer customization options that change the elements of these pendants. For example, should you choose the halo style, the stone in the middle is set as a prong or in the form of bezel. When you are familiar with these designs you will choose the best diamond solitaire pendants for your accessories or occasion.

The solitaire design on pendants is classical, elegant and simplistic. Only slight modifications have been witnessed in centuries. It features a single main stone that is mounted on metal or other holding materials. The mounting may be done in a legato sleek line, prong style or the classical way. Either way, diamond solitaire pendants retain their elegance through simplicity.

Beyond the solitaire setting, you have the option of a cathedral and prong. Cathedral is a fairly new style and with complicated design. It also features more stones in different sizes depending on design. This style is inspiration and comes in variations that feature arches. Diamond solitaire pendants have a unique middle stone that serves as the center of attention. This design is enhanced by having elaborate side and top views. The stones are secured in place while still exposing a significant amount of stone at the top. With this wide exposure, as much light can enter into the stone, cause it to sparkle more.

Bezel design is the most contemporary one. The basic idea is to encircle the central stone with a ring of metal. Compared to diamond solitaire pendants, bezel requires a wider imagination. The idea is to give prominence to the design of the metal used in holding the stone. A small lip is left to extend slightly out of the girdle. This extension allows the side of the stone to be viewed. The idea behind the use of hezel is to secure the stone inside a metal girdle. It is one of the most secure options. This is the design that fits a person with an active lifestyle. When the bezel is partial and revealing the sides, it maintains the exposure of the stone while at the same time securing the stone on the metallic ring.

There are many more settings that will provide an alternative to diamond solitaire pendants. They include channel setting where grooves are used, tension setting that is unique, innovative and interesting, and melee which features a diamond pave leading to the main stone at the center. All these designs are meant to meet the taste preferences of each wearer. You may also use them to provide variation to your diamond accessories.

Beyond cleaning, diamond solitaire pendants must be handled with care. To keep the stone sparkling, the pendants must be handled sparingly. This will keep away grease from the stone which takes away the rustle. Pedants that are cleaned regularly will always respond by being shiny and sparkling. Use warm water and ammonia or recommended cleaning substances to restore its shine without damaging the holding metal. A bristle brush can be used for scrubbing at home especially if you cannot afford to use a professional jeweler. The fragile stone should be handled, transported and stored in a soft cloth. Avoid using any solutions or substances that are not recommended since they are likely to damage the surface. Ultrasonic cleaners should also be used with a lot of care. How well you take care of your diamond solitaire pendants will determine how long they maintain their sparkling, classical and stylish nature.

Top 10 Glamorous Diamond Studs Earrings Every Woman Will Want To Buy

Diamond stud earrings have long been the first love of men and women. Stylish and elegant, they promise to sync with all kinds of apparel and settings. If custom jewelry is your preference, then, you are certainly in luck when you start shopping for studs earrings in diamonds. Check out these 10 diamond stud earrings that every woman will fall in love with them.

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