A Closer Look at the World of Diamond Promise Rings


A Closer Look at the World of Diamond Promise Rings - dazzling rock

Diamond Promise Rings

Irrespective of whether a person is young or old, anyone who wears a diamond promise ring will swear by their elegance and utility. Available in many designs, they are worn for a variety of reasons and are different from engagement and wedding rings.

Traditions say wedding rings and engagement rings are worn on the 4th finger of the left hand. This is because there is a vein that runs directly from this finger straight to the heart. The presence of these rings signifies comfort and eternal love. Worn with passion by couples of all ages and from different walks of life, they are available in a plethora of designs and styles.

Wedding bands and engagement rings have existed for centuries, but what do we know about promise rings? Promise rings date back to older times when solemn promises were made and kept by wearing metal bands and other such rings. The tradition continues on to today. Be it exquisite diamond rings or the simpler ones made of silver or other inexpensive metals, the reason for wearing them remains the same – to remember and fulfill a given promise.

What are Promise rings?

Though they may seem unnecessary or superfluous to some people, promise rings are very popular for the role they play when making a commitment. For couples in love or those planning to get engaged to be married, diamond rings symbolize a transition from dating to getting engaged. They are generally exchanged before diamond engagement rings find their way to the fingers of those in love. In the broader sense of the word, promise rings symbolize a commitment or devotion in the hearts of couples. However, these rings are not mere tokens of love. They are also exchanged by high school friends to remain in touch forever; given by parents to their children as chastity rings (to remind them of their promise to abstain from pre-marital sex), or worn to express a passion or commitment.

Diamond promise rings are used to signify promises and opinions when words fall short. There is a deeper meaning to exchanging these rings than what meets the eye. Sometimes, an elegant promise ring is a physical symbol of romantic connections; it portrays the promise of two people being there for each other at all times. It may hold the underlying oath of faithfulness, sacrifices for the purpose of maintaining relationships or performing actions in a manner that enables better choices for both. For whatever reason — be it for furthering the cause of education, stacking up finances, or simply because they are too young to get married or commit themselves to marriage — wearers don diamond rings to point out to something they eventually want in life.

Then, there are others who have no intention of getting married ever. They probably think that the concept is archaic or getting tied down for a lifetime is passé. When such people find themselves in a relationship that’s significant for their happiness, they may choose to exchange promise rings to freeze their current status of togetherness. In other words, with the meaning of love and dating changing like never before, and people taking their relationship with an open mind, the importance of the symbolism that promise rings offer is rising with each passing day.

How did promise rings come into being

The concept of exchanging promise rings for the purpose of symbolizing affection and care is not an out-of-the-box idea produced by wearers from the current generation. It dates back in time. The first definition of conventional promise rings, that is similar to the modern promise rings these days, had come to the fore as early as 1576. A posy ring was a popular promise ring that was exchanged by oath-makers in the 16th century. Posy rings had originated in England and were named after the lines engraved on them from romantic poems or familiar short messages.

In the later centuries, say the Georgian and Victorian eras, the promise rings that gained prominence were known as acrostic rings which contained colored gemstones that were arranged to spell out secret messages. For example, the word “love” could be spelled by putting lapis, Opal, verdelite, and emerald sequentially on the ring. The first alphabet of the name given to each stone created the acrostic. As time passed, couples in love, but not having the financial backing to commit to marriage, start a family or buy a home, started exchanging metal or promise rings to show their future intention. Also, in the event of a person not affording an engagement ring or a wedding ring, he would offer a simple promise ring in the form of a placeholder. Here’s an interesting fact. Women started presenting promise rings to men only around the 20th century. Before that, it was just the other way around.

Other meanings attributed to promise rings

Even though it has become fashionable to ascribe just about any meaning to promise rings, there are some well-known reasons that wearers may want to be aware of. For instance, there are certain women who like to exchange promise rings for expressing the platonic relationship that they share with each other. Quite akin to wearing half-heart necklaces or friendship bracelets, affordable diamond promise rings depict personal reasons like no other. These rings could signify an aspiration or goal as well. Sometimes, they present the religious beliefs of wearers to the world; or act as a symbol of a certain achievement, an important event, or any celebration – there is no end to the list that states the reasons for buying and exchanging promise rings.

Are Diamond promise rings different from other rings?

Though promise rings set with diamonds or other precious or semi-precious stones may serve any purpose you desire, they are generally used to exchange promises of romantic love. In most cases, they fulfill the need for a pre-engagement ring. Additionally, although the terms “purity ring” and “promise ring” are used interchangeably, they have noticeably different meanings. Purity rings, or the more commonly known chastity rings, have an altogether different meaning to their name and are largely related to personal sentiments and religious beliefs. Diamond promise rings are more expensive than their other counterparts and are exchanged for all the above reasons (and more) in line with the budget of buyers.

Diamond promise rings for you

Your decision to purchase the best promise rings would hinge on many factors, the most prominent being:

1. Your budget

2. Nature of relationship

3. Individual style and preference

4. Your sense of fashion

5. Choice of metal and gemstones, birthstone rings or mosaic of gemstones, etc.

Popular promise rings for a lady would feature infinity symbols or heart shapes. If you intend gifting one to a female friend, colleague, loved one or a special someone, you may want to find an appropriate ring that has a sense of feminine beauty and speaks well about the promise you intend to make. Hearts and infinity symbols are timelessly elegant and ageless; they symbolize your devotion and eternal love through intertwined designs, two-tone / three-tone gold rings, etc. On the other hand, the promise rings fit for men may have modern twist designs or present something more classic and subdued through silver gemstone rings.

Last word

Diamond promise rings, purity rings, pre-engagement rings, commitment rings, etc. – There seems to be a lot on the racks when it comes to choosing the right one. Overall, promise rings are used mainly as a symbol of commitment. As their name suggests, they richly signify the in-depth meaning and essence of the promise being made. The reason for buying and wearing these rings may differ from one individual to another and extends to much more than simply sharing bills or doing homework together. Though promise rings studded with or without diamonds do not carry the same significance as engagement or wedding ring sets, they are not to be treated lightly. There are no guidelines or rules suggesting the right amount that needs to be spent for gaining these rings. Also, there are no wrong or right ways of gifting these rings – they may be exchanged or given on anniversaries, birthdays, as Valentine’s or Christmas gift, etc.

Last but certainly not the least; which finger should promise rings go on? Well, it’s entirely up to you to figure out the right finger for the purpose. What’s more? If your fingers are full of other rings, promise bands can be worn around the neck on a chain – after all, the idea behind wearing these rings is to make and commit yourself to a promise.

Essential Tips to Buy Bridal Wedding Ring Sets

Bridal Wedding Ring Sets- buying tips

Buying the best wedding ring sets online can be a less daunting task when you use these top tips

As a bridegroom or bride in waiting, you would love to get your hands on the best bridal wedding ring sets to make your special day more memorable. These tips will aid in keeping your search on track and within your budget.

Jewelry stores and their online counterparts have no dearth of wedding rings for you to choose from. You can ensure the right reactions from family and friends by choosing from the entire gamut of affordable wedding rings that are available. To make your wedding day fiery and brilliant, strive to look for the right cut and design when choosing this token of love that every couple in waiting desires when they tie the knot.

The 4 Cs

Just like all other kinds of fine jewelry, essential elements like the 4 Cs – cut, clarity, carat, and color – take on a significant role.

These key elements underline the purchase of diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond anniversary rings, diamond promise rings and all other kinds of diamond ornaments that have an impact on your budget in more ways than one.

You may want to have a clear insight of these factors when you embark to look for higher quality options at affordable rates.

1. Carat weight of diamonds

Carat is defined as the standard unit of measurement for diamonds and is used by jewelers and diamond buyers alike. One carat equals 200 milligrams in weight. Some jewelers are known to divide carats into a unique point system, for instance, sellers in America refer to a half-carat diamond as a 50-point stone. Bigger may not be better in the case of diamonds; especially when you are searching for affordable buys; as diamond prices soar at their half and full carat weights, you may opt for any specific weight under these benchmarks to meet your goals. Smaller carat diamonds can use specific settings, for instance, a halo setting, to enhance their brilliance and visual size.

2. Cut of diamonds

The cut of the diamond in wedding rings you select dictates their fire and brilliance. Exceptionally well-cut stones give off a unique shine and luster based on the following factors:

Brightness – This refers to the white light (both external and internal) that radiates from the diamonds that are set in ring sets.

Scintillation – Is the sparkle the diamonds give off and relates to the light and darkness generated through reflection.

Fire – This cut factor is linked with the manner in which light (white) enters the surface of diamonds and gets scattered into all primary colors as they exit the diamond.

Luster – Ring sets are best rated by the amount of light or fire that reflects off their surface.

3. Clarity of diamonds in wedding ring sets

You will not want to invest in diamond wedding ring sets that have imperfections or flaws. The number of blemishes (external characteristics) and inclusions (internal characteristics) found in diamonds helps categorize them into six clarity grades:

Flawless (FL) – Zero blemishes or inclusions in the diamonds when viewed under 10x magnification.

Internally Flawless (IF) – No inclusions or blemishes in the diamonds when viewed under 10x magnification.

Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 / VVS2) – 10x magnification would show minor inclusions.

Very Slightly Included (VS1 / VS2) – Minor inclusions are decipherable.

Slightly Included (SI1 / SI2) – Noticeable inclusions can be spotted under 10x magnification.

Included (I1 / I2 / I3) – The transparency and brilliance of bridal wedding ring sets can be impacted through obvious inclusions in the diamonds in this clarity group.

Going lower in clarity can help you stay within your budget. The more the inclusions found in a diamond, the lower the price; however, at most times, the inclusions can only be seen by a professional diamond grader.

4. Color of the diamonds

The color of diamonds in your bridal wedding ring sets happens to be an essential factor in determining their price. As your untrained eyes may find it a tad difficult to ascertain various diamond color grades, you may like to ask a jeweler for help while choosing a set. A diamond’s color is usually graded from D (colorless) to the other end of the spectrum at Z (yellow or brownish). The diamonds that belong to D to G color grades are known to be very rare and are priceless. Grades G to J are lesser priced and are thus appealing to any budget. The most affordable bridal wedding rings would probably flaunt diamonds of grades H and I and offer good value for your money.

5. Brilliance the diamonds

Your wedding happens to be one of the most special occasions of your life and has to be celebrated with minimal compromises. Once you have figured out your budget and taste preferences, it is a good idea to check out online-only retailers for big-ticket items. As reputed jewelry portals do not have the overhead costs borne by brick-n-mortar stores they can afford to give better rates when you shop for affordable wedding rings. Do try to connect with the brilliance of diamond wedding rings and bands before freezing your buy. These jewelry pieces are for keeps and require careful judgment and sound research before being purchased.

What to look for in bridal wedding ring sets

From ascertaining the shape of the diamonds and style of bridal ring sets to matching engagement rings with wedding bands, the pieces you select should express your personal style to perfection.

a) Though it is a sort of tradition to wear similar or matching wedding and engagement rings, you may choose stronger or more scratch-resistant materials to suit your individual styles.

b) The stones may be similar or possess the right blend of colored diamonds, gemstones and white diamonds to create the right impact.

c) In the same way, the metals used for crafting these sets may either be the same – rose gold, white gold, platinum, palladium, silver, etc. – or you could go for different gold tones to make the rings stand out on their own.

d) The wedding rings may or may not be similar to the engagement rings that you first choose; this will give vent to your personal style and creativity.

Invest in the best ring sets

Your investments in unique diamond rings or wedding ring sets should bear good returns in the emotional and monetary sense alike. If you wish, you may purchase matching wedding rings with diamonds to match your diamond engagement ring. These days, the e-catalogues of online jewelry stores feature contemporary and elegant bridal rings. A careful assessment of the 4 Cs, brilliance factor, budget, a setting of other stones, choice of base material, etc. would guide your purchase decision.

Last but not the least; It is the best purchased together. So, have your soul mate by your side, when you go out to figure out the design and style of diamond rings that you would like to exchange along with your vows. These special rings can be customized to include a personal message, motif, initials, etc. to give them a more special meaning and higher worth. Are you ready to check out the latest designs for yourself and your loved one?

Start your search for the best pieces, right away.

Make Your Celebration More Special With A Diamond Anniversary Ring

Diamond Anniversary Ring For wedding and anniversary- Dazzling Rock

Diamond Anniversary Ring

Couples everywhere exchange diamond anniversary rings to mark special days in their lives together. Elegant and stylish, these gifts of love can be worn along with other pieces of jewelry with panache.

When was the last time you gifted your sweetheart a diamond ring? Well, it’s no longer restricted to wedding rings or engagement bands. Diamond rings are forever and give you the opportunity of presenting your special someone, a dazzling piece of jewelry every year. They serve as a token of romance and add to the value of jewelry collections like no other. If you have been wondering what to buy for your soul mate this anniversary, then one such diamond ring may just be the way to go.

Good for all anniversaries

Irrespective of whether you are celebrating your 1st or 25th wedding anniversary, you would love to go through the enticing collection of anniversary rings at your favorite store. Available at brick-and-mortar jewelry stores as well as with sellers of diamond rings online, these precious pieces make fantastic gifts that are bound to be appreciated when presented. If you happen to be a discerning customer, you will be pleased to note the many styles and designs are up for grabs. All that you need to do beforehand is assess your budget and the style or preference of the one you are presenting the ring to, and you are good to go with your search for the best wedding rings.

Different styles of Rings For Wedding or Anniversary

Anniversary rings set with diamonds come in many shapes and designs. Once you freeze your choice on an elegant token of your appreciation and love, you can wait to see tears of happiness welling in the eyes of your special someone.

1. Diamond Eternity Rings

Diamond Eternity Rings - diamond anniversary ring

Diamond Eternity rings are the most popular of all the diamond rings suitable for wedding or anniversary as they are known to represent eternal love. These unique and truly romantic rings signify that your relationship will remain as strong forever. These bands are usually made of gold, platinum, palladium, silver or other precious metals. They may be encircled with small-sized, high-quality diamonds and have neither a beginning nor an end – similar to the love story you share with your special someone.

2. Three stone diamond rings

three stone diamond rings - diamond anniversary rings

These specially crafted diamond rings showcase yet another approach to romance. Three stone diamond ring is Perfect as an anniversary gift because of their beauty and underlying meaning, they are available with varying price tags to suit your budget. In this kind of diamond anniversary ring, there are three stones set sequentially to represent past, present, and future. The stones are brilliantly crafted and promise to make your love relation dazzle with love.

3. Right-hand diamond rings

Right Hand Diamond Rings - diamond anniversary ring

With non-traditional relationships coming to the fore and gaining acceptance like never before, right-hand diamond rings are also suiting the needs of the LGBT community. These specially crafted pieces are purchased to represent commitments in every sense of the word. They can be flaunted on the right hand even without having a traditional wedding ring on the left hand. Overall, a right-hand ring set with diamonds represents your undying love for your partner and celebrates your love story.

The styles mentioned above are just three of the many anniversary ring styles that are available for buyers. There are many more designs that are popular with couples of all ages. The perfect anniversary bands and rings are those that suit the style quotient of their wearers. To add a personal touch, you may consider having a sweet message or the date of your anniversary engraved on the inside of the ring you chose.

Rules to follow while shopping for diamond rings

The norms for diamond shopping also apply to your purchase of a diamond anniversary ring. These include paying attention to the 4 Cs – color, clarity, carat size and cut. These factors influencing the final price of your diamond ring, and would also encompass its brilliance and fire, certificate of authenticity, resale value, etc. It is recommended that you consult a jewelry expert to understand all that goes into the skillful buy of diamond anniversary rings, beforehand.

Are Anniversary Rings with Diamonds Really Expensive?

Are you wondering whether diamond anniversary rings are far beyond your reach? These facts would state otherwise. Even if you are the owner of a modest income, you can bring home the glittering extravagance of these rings. Anniversary rings with diamonds set on them do not necessarily cost you a bomb. If you happen to be a careful buyer you can get your hands on an exquisite, classy-looking diamond anniversary ring that would cost well under a $1,000. If you are ready to compromise on one or two of the 4 Cs that determine the quality of diamonds, your anniversary ring can be had for anything less than $500, even for much less if you are lucky.
What’s more? These rate estimations are not for gold-plated copper or imitation zircons that may discolor over time. What we are talking about are real diamond anniversary rings that are designed with shiny precious metals to offer full value for their price.

traditions linked to Anniversary ring

The tradition of celebrating anniversaries with fun, gaiety and plenty of gifts has been around from the medieval times. However, in those times, the 25th, 50th and other landmark years of togetherness were the only ones that were celebrated. The 25th wedding anniversary was labeled as the silver anniversary wherein the lady was presented with a silver band; a gold anniversary ring marked the 50th year of celebration. In today’s time, every single anniversary is considered special and designed to gift special objects like paper, wood, leather, etc. As diamonds are forever and a woman’s best friend too, diamond anniversary rings are welcomed at all times, and with oodles of appreciation. Yes, they always cast a good impression and are loved by one and all.

Customized diamond anniversary rings

No matter what style of diamond ring you wish to gift, you may want to have an interesting message engraved on its surface to make it all the more special. While a simple “I love you” always works, you may also think out-of-the-box and have a secret word or phrase etched on the inside of the ring. By customizing the ring with love-filled words, you can be a part of her everyday wear as she will be wearing the anniversary ring close to her skin at all times. A helpful tip. Try to choose an anniversary ring that would go as beautifully with an evening gown as it would with her favorite pair of denim – she will not be disappointed.

Parting shot

All things aside, with your anniversary just around the corner, consider adding an extra sparkle to your lover’s eyes by gifting them a beautiful diamond anniversary ring. There is an abundance of designs to choose from. From rings with small pavé-style diamonds lining the top surface to solitaire diamond rings, there is no dearth of options to select from. Alternatively, you may prefer to buy a ring with smaller sized diamonds spread across the circumference of the anniversary ring; or choose one with several large stones with extra carats. The unique selling point of most diamond anniversary rings lie in their reasonable prices, so, there is no better way of reminding your wife about her special place in your life than with a diamond encrusted anniversary ring – go for one today.

Unique Diamond Rings that will Make her fall in Love Again!

Dazzlingrock Unique Diamond Rings

Dazzlingrock Unique Diamond Rings

She’s unique! So you definitely want to look for something completely different and stunning to compliment her. Since stylish and trendy jewellery is always in demand, you can never go wrong in choosing that perfect ring for your loved one. Browse through the jewellery sites or go to the nearest local dealer to find the ideal ring that stands out and compliments the unique style of your loved one. You don’t need a reason or a special moment to declare your love. Every relationship has its own special moments and the memories of these moments can be made to last a lifetime with a unique diamond ring that symbolizes everlasting love.

Things to keep in Mind before Investing in Unique Diamond Rings

You want something glamorous and gorgeous. Well, there is no doubt that you will have to loosen the strings of your wallet to pay for it. Therefore, you have to be sure that what you pay for is what you get. For that, you will have to consult a diamond expert or a trusted local jeweler before investing in a distinctly unique diamond ring.

A diamond expert once said, “A diamond certificate is in no way a guarantee of what you are getting.” There is no way that you can prove that the certificate you are getting is for the stone you are purchasing, therefore, it is important that you go to a reputed local jeweler whom you can trust.” So, if you are still looking for a ring that is totally unique, why not create your own design with the help of your jeweler? Discuss with your jeweler what you have in mind, and very soon, what you create will be so special and unique that your loved one will never want to take it off her finger.

Big and glamorous or stunning yet subtle is what you should seek. Choose a design keeping in mind the daily activities of your loved one. A modern lady working in the corporate world would love to flaunt a big and glamorous diamond ring, but if she is more of a homely person and indulges in a lot of manual work around the house then a subtle diamond ring would be a better option.

Set a budget! There is no doubt that investing in a diamond ring will cost money, therefore, do your research and set the upper limit on the amount you would like to spend on the unique piece of jewellery that you wish to own. There’s no point going overboard, all that matters is the special bond and love that you and your partner share. Go for the unique diamond rings that you can afford so that it doesn’t pinch you in the long run.

Surprise factor? If you are looking to surprise your loved one, then you have to be very sure of what your partner likes. What is her preference? Look carefully for the kind of jewellery she already has; does she fall for jewels that are traditional or contemporary, or is she always on the lookout for something different and unique? Think and plan well in advance and the look on your partner’s face would be worth a million bucks when you surprise her with the unique custom designed diamond ring that she may have been dreaming of since a long time.

Unique Vintage Diamond Rings

Nikki Reed, a celebrity, flaunted her gorgeous vintage inspired cluster ring on the red carpet and said, “Is that not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in your life?” We totally agree with her, it was beautiful! Yet again, the stunning supermodel from Israel, Bar Refaell, had flaunted her super thin yellow gold pav band mounted with a cushion-cut solitaire to leave us all panting. Wow! These are the types of rings that you should dream of to cater to the ‘exclusivity quotient’ of your loved one’s trinket collection.

Each vintage or antique diamond ring has a story of its own. Most modern couples love to relate to these romantic stories of the past and strive to make them a part of their own through antique jewels. These original vintage gemstones usually have unique diamond cuts that are rarely seen today, making them one-of-a-kind rings. Well, the gem cutting techniques may have evolved over the years but the beauty of antique diamond cuts still remain in a different league altogether.

However, you may like to go in for a combination of the past with the present, wherein an antique metal base is mounted with a gemstone from recent times. Here, jewellery experts can help you enhance the beauty of these antique unique jewellery pieces. So, how would you like to get your hands on a unique gemstone that compliments the extraordinary settings of the vintage ring that you wish to gift to your beloved? Just add a small personal touch to one such ring and the result will surely be mind-blowing.

Blue Diamond Rings

In keeping with the British tradition, Elizabeth Hurley flaunted a blue sapphire ring which was set between two trillion cut diamonds. This platinum blue sapphire ring did make a bold statement and caught the attention of the ever inquisitive shutterbugs. Again, the Cullinan Dream is an exceptionally rare blue diamond which was recently auctioned at the Rockefeller Center in New York. The captivating and celestial beauty of this blue diamond has attracted the attention of many; the estimated value of the Cullinan Dream is between US$23 million to US$29 million. Wow! Now that is really a dream!

A ring with a traditional white diamond can never go wrong. However, if your partner likes to be different and creative then you can always create a unique diamond ring by investing in not-so-traditional diamonds. Diamonds come in a variety of colors such as different shades of pink, brown, yellow, blue and many others. Choose from among the favorite colors of your loved one and see her eyes dance in glee.

Each woman is unique and different from another in more ways than one. Therefore, trying to find a perfect ring for her can be tricky. Don’t fret! Understand her likes and dislikes and discuss with reputed jewellery experts to create that unique diamond ring which your loved one will fall in love with instantly.

She’s unique, so be creative!

Diamond Studs Earrings Add Effortless Chic to your Personality

Diamond Studs Earrings

Diamond Studs Earrings

Diamond studs earrings add that ephemeral touch of class to any outfit and completes the look to perfection. These studs add sparkle and style to any occasion. Diamonds are known to be a girl’s best friend and studs earrings are the most popular way to flaunt this friendship. You may like to wear tiny ones that hug your ear lobe or choose large sparkly ones that light up your face, both look equally elegant.

The quality requirement for diamond studs earrings is appreciably lower than that of diamond wedding bands or diamond engagement rings as they are generally seen from a distance. You can get away with an economical pair of diamond earrings if you buy a cheaper cut or compromise on the clarity and color of the stones set within. You may want to buy a pair that looks big but is low on cost. Diamonds that are certified are notably higher on cost and it is important to make informed decisions before you buy the right pair for yourself. It is a good idea to be clear in your mind about the budget, the style and the purpose of the stud earrings before investing in the same.

Considerations that play a role in your choice of diamond stud earrings

There are many factors that play a vital role in your choice of diamond studs earrings. The most obvious one is the budget that you have decided on.

  1. Your budget is of prime importance as it is the deciding factor in your choice. It is wise to set a budget before you set out to buy the diamond earrings of your choice. The diamond could be small or large sized according to your budget.
  2. The color also decides the overall cost of diamond studs earrings chosen by you. The sparkling white or colorless diamonds are the most expensive ones, while the slightly flawed ones are available at nearly half of the cost. The brown, orange and yellow diamonds are considerably cheaper. The more vivid shades are more expensive than the muddier and duller shades.
  3. The cut of the diamond also determines the cost of the studs. The cheaper cuts, like the Asscher cut or the radiant cut, are far more affordable than the round or princess cuts. The fancier cuts are not always more expensive and it might be a good idea to check out their prices before taking a decision.
  4. Certified diamonds are much more expensive than the non-certified ones. Certified diamonds appreciate in value much more than the non-certified ones. Discerning buyers, especially the ones who look out for diamond studs earrings as an asset insist on their certification from renowned independent certifiers.
  5. The metal that you use to create your diamond studs earrings is also a factor in deciding the cost. Platinum rules the price index while gold is a close second. If you are looking for a super economical pair you can look for a pair in sterling silver too.
  6. Diamond studs are not necessarily solitaires and you can choose a design that comprises of a cluster of closely set diamonds that look like a single piece. These are increasingly popular with the younger generation or with stylistas looking for multiple diamond studs earrings in different shapes and designs.

How to find a deal while buying diamond studs earrings?

Diamonds and deals are not words that generally belong together. But, those in the industry share some tips that you should keep in mind while buying diamond jewelry.

  1. It is essential to look for a cheaper cut like the cushion, emerald, and Asscher cut. These are hard to match but if you are lucky you might just bag a pair that translates into dashing earrings.
  2. Full carat sizes are much more expensive than the slightly off sizes. For example, if you look for 2 carat stone, it will cost much more than a 1.8 or a 1.9 carat pair. The actual size will not really vary much but your bill will!
  3. Building your own Diamond studs earrings from scratch might end up being cheaper than the ready and matched pair in the store. Picking out matching stones is a cumbersome task but well worth the effort. Your jeweler can help with the assessment of quality.
  4. If your choice is less than 2 carats for the pair, do consider buying non-certified diamonds. Certification costs often run up to 35% of the total cost of diamond studs earrings.

Finding your pair of diamond studs earrings online

If you are looking for your dream pair of earrings, it might be a good idea to look for them online. In this age of growing e-commerce, jewelry brands are increasingly making their presence felt online. Not only the larger brands but also a host of aggregators are available on the internet. Aggregators are vendors who collate the catalogs of many sellers together to create an online store. The online experience is thrilling as you can browse through hundreds of designs, shapes, sizes and price ranges before you take a decision – all without moving from your armchair.

The variety of jewelry design available online is mind boggling and you might find really good deals as part of online promotional activities of reputed stores. Online stores do not have high overhead costs like rent, infrastructure or manpower. The aggregator sites often operate on curated and collated catalogs from a large number of sellers and are thus able to operate with very low or no inventory. They can therefore offer very attractive deals to their customers.

Online stores offer deals on designs which are not to be continued in future. You might find one that suits your taste at very good prices. If you are lucky enough, you may end up finding attractive deals offered on odd sizes and cuts that are not conventional. Your eclectic style might just find expression in these exclusive diamond studs earrings.

Points to remember

A major concern in buying diamond jewelry online could be that they are expensive and you are buying them blind, that is without trying them on. One way out could be to visit a store and try a similar design and size out, and then go online to grab a more lucrative deal. If you are buying certified diamond studs, there is no reason to worry at all.

Most online stores have a good return policy. It is a good idea to read the fine print very carefully to get clarity on how to return the diamond studs earrings in the unlikely event of you not liking them. Compare the return policies on multiple sites before taking a decision. After all, you are buying an expensive piece of jewelry. Do ensure that you compare the shipping and insurance charges before you order your pair or you might end up paying much more than you had bargained for!

Whether you buy online or offline there is no doubt that the diamond studs earrings that you are planning to buy is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you must consider all the available options very carefully before taking a decision. Choose well and invest wisely in a pair of diamond studs earrings that not only look good but serves as a smart asset that will appreciate in value over the years. A good pair of diamond earrings will be appreciated for generations if kept in good condition. For instance, your daughter may add to it with a matching outer ring to make it more impressive when it is her turn to wear the gems. Go for the best!