4CS Of Diamond – What is The Most Important of 4 CS

4CS Of Diamond - What is The Most Important of 4 CS - DazzlingRockDiamond quality is an important factor to consider while purchasing diamond earrings or diamond engagement rings. The quality of diamonds can be graded on four factors or 4Cs. These are the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the diamond. It is very important to know the characteristics of these precious stones while you are purchasing them.

When diamonds were introduced in the mid-20th century, for the very first time the world had a universal standard to assess the quality of the diamonds. The 4Cs became an important tool to understand why you would choose one diamonds over another.

This standard of assessment was very important, as it was very difficult to judge the differences in quality between two such precious stones with the naked eye. The question that often comes to the minds of people is, which is the most important factor to assess the quality of a diamond.

Many people find it confusing to determine the most important factor out of 4Cs. To understand this, we need to understand the 4Cs of diamond in detail.


Clarity generally refers to the presence of identifying marks on the surface (blemishes) and inside (inclusion) the diamond.

Considering the tremendous amount of pressure used to create diamonds naturally, it is not unnatural to have flaws.

The two types of flaws generally include blemishes and inclusions.

The surface flaws are known as blemishes while internal flaws are called inclusions. It is natural for diamonds to have both blemishes and inclusions at the same time.

Blemishes may include chips, scratches, and pits. Many times blemishes may occur due to cutting. Inclusions generally include cracks, air bubbles, and non-diamond materials inside the diamond. When it comes to grading diamonds, all flaws are called inclusions.

The scale generally ranges from flawless to heavily included:

1. F (flawless inside and out)

2. IF (internally flawless, it means there may be blemishes on the surface but not inside the diamond)

3. VVS1 and VVS2 (very, very slightly included, 2 levels)

4. VS1 and VS2 (very slightly included, 2 levels)

5. SI1 and SI2 (slightly included, 2levels)

6. I1, I2, and I3 (included, 3levels)

The number and size of the inclusions generally have a large effect on the beauty, brilliance, and fire of the diamond.


Diamond color usually refers to the lack of color in a diamond. When it comes to diamond color, the lesser the visible color, the higher is the grade of the diamond.

It can easily be said that the whiter the diamond, the greater its value. The degree of the color of these precious stones is tested over certain levels that generally range from colorless (D) to significantly colored (Z).

Diamonds that have a low rating on the scale have a mucky yellowish or brownish color. Diamonds that are from D to H on the scale are whiter while from grade I some yellow color will be visible.

Generally, the color of the diamond is a result of its composition and so the color does not change over time. A colorless diamond allows more light to pass through than a colored diamond, and thus emit more sparkle and brilliance.


Carat is the unit of measurement used to weigh diamonds.

One carat of diamond generally equals 200 milligrams or 1/5 of a gram (0.2 grams). The term carat comes from the pod of the carob tree, a tree that is located in tropical areas.


The way a diamond is polished and cut affects its brilliance, sparkle and the fire of the stone. When a diamond is cut properly, it allows light to reflect and refract internally and then emit from the top causing a dazzling effect.

If you wish to have unique diamond rings that have amazing sparkle, you have to look for diamonds that are cut with precision. When a diamond is not cut properly, it will emit light through the sides and bottom and not through the top.

This will result in a duller looking diamond, one that has less fire and sparkle. A diamond is known for its brilliance, sparkle, and fire. A proper symmetric cut along with accurate polish can result in more of this dazzling effect.


Irrespective of its carat weight, color, and clarity, if the fire and brilliance are absent, then the diamond is not that valuable.

A diamonds cut is always difficult to quantify than its color, clarity and carat weight. Cuts vary from a diamond to diamond and how cutters choose to shape, facet and polish the diamond.

Experts consider cut to be the most important out of the 4Cs because the brilliance and fire of a diamond depend greatly on its cut.

A perfectly cut stone will allow you to compromise on the other factors but still, have great brilliance and sparkle. When a diamond is accurately cut, it will hide blemishes and will cause the diamond to pop and sparkle brilliantly.

If a diamond is not cut properly, it will lack the fire and brilliance to a great extent.

So if you are looking for unique diamond rings or a mesmerizing pair of earrings, do not forget to look at the sparkle of the diamonds. The sparkle, the brilliance and the fire of diamond are what makes it valuable.

So whether you are looking to purchase engagement rings or a diamond promise rings for your sweetheart, or a nice necklace do not forget to pay attention to its brilliance and sparkle.

How to Take Care of Your Diamond Jewelry

How to Take Care of Your Diamond Jewelry - Dazzling-Rock

Your diamond jewelry is essential possessions that need some care if they are to last long. While diamonds are hard and seldom affected by continuous showcasing, they require specific attention because they can still be damaged by chemicals, or scratched by other objects. Caring for your diamond jewelry such as unique diamond rings goes a long way towards ensuring that you can enjoy wearing them for a long time.

What’s more, you will need to clean them and store them in a dry, safe place whenever you are not wearing the jewelry.

Here is a quick guide explaining the things you should do and things you should avoid to take care of your diamond jewelry.

The Things You Should Do to maintain your diamond jewelry

Wear your jewelry to work

Yes, your ornaments may get in your way occasionally, but feel free to flaunt your diamonds to your colleagues, employees or boss unless your place of work is not diamond jewelry safe.

Clean your diamonds regularly

You need to clean your diamonds regularly to get rid of everyday dirt, dust, lotions and skin oils to ensure that they sparkle.

These things can cloud your diamond. However, when you clean the stone, you will be surprised because your jewelry will shine brightly. The simplest way to clean your jewelry is to add mild dish soap in warm water and soak them in it for about fifteen minutes. Scrub them gently using a soft bristle toothbrush to get rid of any dirt.

You can also use any brand of jewelry cleaner. If you do not want to clean the jewelry yourself, you could visit your jeweler and have them do a professional cleaning for you. You can do this once every six months.

Buy insurance for your jewelry

Your diamond jewelry is an investment, and just like other investments, you want to protect them in case they get lost, destroyed or stolen.

Ensure that you get the right coverage for your jewels by seeking the services of an insurance company that specializes exclusively in jewelry.

This way, you will always have the peace of mind knowing that you are getting extra protection that exceeds what a typical renter’s or homeowner’s insurance provides.

Re-polish your jewelry

Most diamond jewelry such as diamond rings, or black diamond rings is made of either platinum or gold. The former metal is not only sturdy but beautiful even though it lacks the luster of gold.

On the other hand, gold jewelry also needs to be re-polished unless it is rose or yellow gold. The coating of your jewelry will fade, especially when you wear it while doing tasks such as washing dishes or showering.

To restore that pure, beautiful shine, you will have to get your jewelry re-coated and polished.

Secure the stones periodically

When correctly set, your diamond should be very secure. However, stones in diamond rings can get banged up a bit through daily wear, and you would be surprised to know how easily that tight prong you thought was secure can loosen.

Therefore, ensure that mounting of your diamond is always intact and not loose. Loose stones can fall out, and nothing can be more devastating while looking at your jewelry only to notice that your setting is empty.

Respect your jewelry

Diamond or other pieces of gemstone jewelry such as gemstone diamond earrings are always presented during happy occasions, meaning that they have sentimental value.

What’s more, they do not come cheap. Someone, including you, spent money, so it is your responsibility to ensure that you maintain the quality of your jewelry.

The Things You Should avoid to maintain your  diamond jewelry

Do not swim, bathe, shower or clean with your jewelry

To maximize the appearance of your jewelry while minimizing your visits to your jeweler; do not wear your jewelry while performing these tasks.

Water can damage the luster of the metal as well as the stone because it contains different chemicals like chlorine that can be damaging. Some of these chemicals used for cleaning may work wonders on the stone, but they will eventually damage the metal.

Always keep your jewelry in your jewelry box or a velvet box; or invest in jewelry that can stand being kept in any convenient place while performing daily chores.

Do not remove your jewelry in public (and set it down)

Removing your jewels and setting it down in public can be very tempting, particularly when you have to wash your hands in public.

This is not wise because the chances of you leaving the jewel behind once you are done are very high. Be careful and mindful and do away with this temptation. If you must remove your jewelry, place it in your pocket or purse.

This way, if you forget to wear it, you will still be at peace since you know the jewel is always in your possession.

Do not wear your jewelry to the gym

Although activities such as aerobics will not hurt your jewelry, other forms of workouts definitely will.

For instance, weight lifting can damage your jewelry, particularly rings. The steel of these weights is hard and can dent the metal of your jewelry. Heavyweight lifting also distorts the shape of jewelry, making them oval rather than round.

When the metal is destroyed, it can cause the prongs on the precious stones to become loose, and your diamond may fall out. Other sports that can cause damages to your jewelry include tennis and golf.

Each piece of jewelry is different and would need that you take care of them differently. Ornaments that come in platinum settings have different care needs than those that have gold settings.

Moreover, diamonds that have been set in prongs also require more careful attention as compared to those in a bezel setting. Consult a jeweler while purchasing your ornaments, to get to know what you need to do, can help you prolong the life of your jewelry.

Ensure that you stick to the guidelines they offer to get the utmost results. After all, you do not purchase or get diamond jewelry every day.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Diamond Pendant

Things To Consider Before Buying A Diamond Pendant - dazzling rock

Are you thinking of buying a diamond pendant? You are making a good choice. They say diamonds are forever for a good reason. You see, diamonds are not only the most dazzling gemstones on the market they are very durable as well. If you are looking to impress a special woman in your life, there is no better way to do that than by presenting her with diamond jewelry. To be specific, diamond solitaire pendants are a girl’s best friend. Irrespective of the occasion, one of these pieces will always do the trick. With so many diamond accessories in the market – some of which are of no value at all – you have to be overly cautious while shopping. It is important to gather as much information as possible before talking to any jeweler.

Diamond pendants are simply gorgeous and are in a class of their own. They not only complement a wide range of attire but also accentuate the wearer’s beauty. The light in the diamond flashes and dazzles anyone who is looking at them instantly, thus becoming the focal point of the wearer’s attire.

There are many other reasons to go for a diamond pendant; they suit a wide range of occasions including wedding anniversaries, birthdays, romantic surprises, valentine’s day and any other special day. The fact that a diamond is a low-maintenance gem makes it ideal as a gift option, as the recipient will always remember you. You also have a wide range of designs to choose from, especially if you want to pass a special message.

Here are the things which should you consider while shopping for a diamond pendant to make the right purchase:

Consider the occasion and reason for the purchase

You have to understand the occasion in order to buy the right diamond pendant.

For instance, if you are presenting it to a platonic friend, a heart shape diamond might send the wrong message. Make sure you know what you are setting out to achieve in order to buy an appropriate pendant.

Verify the quality of the diamond (4 Cs)

The prominence of a pendant on the chest means that it is visible to the eye and for this reason; you need to choose a pendant that has high-quality stones.

The 4Cs come into play here:

  • Diamond cut

The cut will determine how beautiful the diamonds look and relate to the brilliance. It determines the sparkle and it is thus advisable to opt for a round brilliant cut gemstone.

  • Diamond color

Colored diamonds are rare and very expensive. Stone with colors ranging from F or G on the color scale is recommended for more fire and brilliance.

  • Diamond clarity

The higher the clarity the better the quality of the stone. However, that also means the more expensive the stone. Most people consider this the least important of the 4cs and you can choose I1 or S1.

  • Carat weight

This is a very difficult choice to make because the larger the size of the stone, the larger the carat weight and the higher the price. However, big is not always good; choose a carat weight that allows the stone to sparkle and achieve the purpose.

To guarantee the quality of the pendant you want to buy, look for certification for the diamond from labs like GIA or AGS. A grading report from these bodies assures you of the true quality of the diamond that you are about to invest in.

Shape of the Diamond is important

The shape of a pendant is very important and should be among the first things to consider while making a purchase. The shape determines the cut of the diamond and the setting. You can go for the following shapes:

  • Solitaire diamond pendant

It features a single diamond.

  • Three stone pendants

It includes a main diamond at the center and other smaller stones flanking the sides of the pendant. You can also get other variations of the same style but the stones you chose have to send a message.

  • Heart shaped diamond

It is the most versatile and popular shape for a diamond pendant. It is easy to customize and sends a clear message using diamond hearts.

There are other shapes to choose from but the most important thing to remember is that the shape of the diamond will affect other parts of the pendant.

Choose the type of pendant setting wisely

When selecting a pendant, your jeweler will require you to choose a setting and you should be ready for a choice. The setting you choose will determine how visible the diamond at the center is. Common diamond pendant settings include:

Bezel setting

Ideal for safety, as the diamond is well wrapped with metal either on the sides or partially. The precious diamond cannot fall off from the setting easily. However, the sparkle of the stone is diminished as most of the stone is hidden under metal.

Tension setting

This is a newer type of setting preferred by buyers who want something totally unique or an original design.

Prong setting

This allows the maximum light to hit the diamond and allows for more brilliance. Several prongs hold the stone in place. When buying, you must ensure the prongs are strong enough to keep the precious gem safe.

Consider the design and length of chain

You have to consider the age of the wearer, your relationship with them and their style and preferences. All diamond pendants are not the same hence the need to buy something suitable for the recipient. When buying a diamond pendant it is also important to consider the type of design and length of chain that you would give with the pendant. This must accentuate the sparkle and brilliance of the pendant you chose.

Diamond solitaire pendants are the most versatile and customizable necklaces you can find. This style is unique and draws all the attention of the single diamond at the center. These pendants are suitable for different occasions and they always elicit an amazing reaction from the recipient.

Use these tips, to buy the right diamond pendants and necklaces for that treasured lady in your life or for yourself.

What You Need to Know About Eternity Rings?

What You Need to Know About Eternity Rings - Dazzling Rock

Eternity rings symbolize the eternal love, commitment, and compassion between two souls. It can be considered as an ideal engagement or the wedding ring was given to your partner to mark the importance of your relationship. Diamond eternity rings studded on it can also be given as gifts during wedding anniversary, birthdays or any other special occasion of your loved one. Eternal diamond bands can also be given as valentine gift, 50th wedding anniversary present or when your loved one is expecting a child. The ring commemorates the special bond between two people and is always an ideal gift to express your love for your soul mate.

There are certain things that you need to know while you are going to purchase an eternity band. It is very important to know the true meaning of eternity rings, its significance, history and the factors you need to stress on while buying one such special ring. Some of the important points that you need to know in this domain are as follows-

What Is An Eternity Rings? How Is It Different From Other Rings?

The band of eternity rings is generally gold or platinum with diamonds studded on it. It may also have gems studded on it. Some couples would love to go for “half eternity rings” where the precious stones or gems are studded along the top of the band. However, people generally prefer full eternity rings where diamonds or precious gemstones are studded on the entire ring. This makes the ring look more glamorous and beautiful at the same time. Eternity rings with diamonds going all the way around the ring symbolize the never-ending eternal love for each other. It is a perfect blend of luxury, opulence and sentimental feelings. The circle of diamonds or gemstones encompassing the entire bond signifies the undying love between two souls.

The History of Eternity Rings

The history of this kind of rings dates back to Egyptian times where the rings marked the reunion of two souls. Carved out of bone, metals, and beads, these rings were worn by ancient Egyptians who viewed the circular ring as a symbol of everlasting love. Archaeologists have also discovered simply carved bones that acted as eternity rings. The rings eventually inspired the concept of this rings as it had similar carvings and gems encrusted on it.

The Color Grade Is Very Important

When it comes to selecting diamond eternity bands, the things you should consider are cut, color, clarity, and carat. In case of diamond rings, one should focus more on color. The more colorless the band is, the more sparkle and brilliance will the ring have. Let your diamond eternity bands sparkle on your delicate finger and speak volumes of the passionate love between you two. Try to look for the grade of at least I grade with the best grade ranging between A to C. So if you want to give your diamond eternity band a true shine, look for the grade that lets it shine beautifully.

The Right Metal Can Matter a Lot

If you are looking for eternity bands for the special day, then do not compromise on the metal. The quality of the metal for the eternity band is equally important as the quality of the diamonds you choose. You need to select the right metal that compliments the shine and gleam of the diamonds studded on it. Platinum or palladium can be good choices for diamonds as they complement it well. Also white gold can be a good choice to compliment the beauty of diamonds studded on it. All these metals are strong and durable that can provide the ideal backdrop for your eternity band. So keep in mind that the right kind of metal can add to the overall beauty of eternal bands.

Purchasing the right eternity diamond band can be a hectic task, especially when there is an endless number of options around you. You need to select the right ring that perfectly compliments the beautiful delicate fingers of your spouse. The right jeweler can help you get the most beautiful diamond eternity band that signifies the true love between two souls. You can also get your own customized ring as per the design you want. There is a number of renowned jewelers in the market, you need to choose the right one who offers a vast array of designs and can understand your needs to get the right wedding eternity band. Do not forget to fix a budget and go to authentic jewelers to avoid getting wedding bands at an overpriced rate.

Solitaire vs Three Stone: Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

Solitaire vs Three Stone: Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring - Dazzling Rock

First things first, if you a looking for an engagement ring, you can never go wrong with a diamond ring. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and while this might sound cliché, it has repeatedly proven to be the hard truth. Still, if you want to melt your spouse’s heart, then you have to go the extra mile beyond buying just any diamond ring. The choice of style will largely determine the reaction you get when you present the ring. As you wait expectantly for the answer to the big question, your spouse’s eyes will inadvertently be drawn to the elegance of the ring you have chosen for this momentous moment. Well, you have a choice between choosing a solitaire vs three stone rings.

Both of these types of rings are classic diamond engagement rings that have always driven men to the edge when it comes to making a choice. If you are preparing to pop the question, you are most likely facing an even more terrifying situation; choosing the right ring for the occasion. You need not worry about this anymore; just keep reading to get invaluable tips to help you resolve this conundrum.

Choose The Right Engagement Ring

The choice of an engagement ring says a lot. This is why you have to use all your creativity to get it right.

Recently, Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markel and while the lucky bride’s nationality was of interest, the ring used for the occasion hogged all the headlines. It was a dazzling diamond from Botswana flanked by two equally amazing diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection. The ring’s base is yellow chosen because it is Meghan’s favorite color.

A custom engagement ring of this kind not only proves the bond between the two but also speaks a lot about Prince Harry’s commitment, as he was ready to use the family’s jewels for it. Your engagement ring does not have to be this exquisite or expensive but you need to put a lot of thought into it. Take time to learn about your spouse’s personality and character in order to get the right ring. Such a choice is appreciated even more, and will always conjure sweet memories, to keep your love growing.

Let’s Discuss the solitaire vs three stone rings to decide which should you buy? With this in mind, it is important to learn more about these classic engagement rings so that you can find a piece that truly marks this milestone in your life.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Diamond solitaire rings flaunt a single stone that stands out due to its elegance and simplicity. It might not be trendy but it has a timeless appeal and thus never goes out of style. The diamond you choose for the ring is the center of attention on the entire piece and if you make the right choice, the sparkling stone will definitely win over your spouse’s heart.

Some of the reasons to go for a solitaire ring include:

1. Simplicity and practicality

The design is simple and forthright and the diamond hogs all the attention.

2. Unmistakable intention

This is the classic engagement ring. When worn, it simply indicates there is a wedding on the horizon. There is no mistaking what a solitaire ring stands for. That is exactly what you want to convey when you propose your love to your spouse.

3. Classic appeal

The appeal of the design of this type of ring never gets old, and embodies grace and sophistication at all times. It is easy for this ring to match any type of personality, making it an easy choice.

4. Versatility

Finding matching or coordinating wedding bands that go with this ring is easy.

5. Ability to dress up

The options available for dressing up wedding bands with this ring is simply limitless. For more sparkle, you can go with a curved or straight wedding band while extra gems on the wedding band that add some personality and color to the set of rings.

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Three Stone Engagement Ring

As the name implies, these rings have three stones instead of one, with a larger diamond in the center, flanked by smaller but still sparkling gemstones. There are many variations of these three stone diamond rings of course, with some even featuring equal-sized stones. The reason these rings remain popular is their easy symbolism. Each stone, for instance, can represent a phase in a couple’s lives – the past, present, and future.

This ability to represent some meaning makes these rings highly sentimental and romantic. It is no wonder then that they have become so popular.

Other benefits of three stone rings include:

1. More opportunities for customization

You can customize each of the stones in terms of size, shape, color, and type to suit your requirements. You could also customize the setting of the ring to reflect your spouse’s personality or achieve any other purpose.

2. An ability to tell a story

Three stone rings, trinity rings, or trilogy rings, as are also called, tell a story and can represent friendship, love, and fidelity or the past, the present and the future of the relationship.

3. Affordability

Three stone rings are cheaper as you can vary the stones to suit your budget without compromising on the beauty of the entire ring.

4. Uniqueness

Your bride will have a unique ring and would stand out because of the choice of beautiful stones on the ring.

Which Ring Should You Buy: Solitaire vs Three Stone Rings?

When comparing solitaire rings and three stone rings, it is obvious that each has its own advantages.

The solitaire is a bit pricey but also more elegant. Three stone diamond rings, on the other hand, are affordable, symbolic, unique and easier to customize.

If you are getting ready to pop the question, it is advisable to borrow from Price Harry’s proposal to Meghan Markle and use a three stone ring. The ultimate decision is yours to make.

However, remember the engagement ring you choose should not only be magnificent but must also have some deeper meaning.