5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Jewelry

The right kind of jewelry brightens your outfit and completes your overall look. It adds flair and style to the entire look and accentuates any outfit. An exquisite piece of jewelry completes your look and matches your personality. However gorgeous pieces of jewelry turn out to be messy if you wear it the wrong way.

When you choose the right piece of jewelry and go for the right amount of accessories the overall look is balanced and each element plays an important role. But if one disregards this and go overboard, it may look tacky.

Here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid when wearing jewelry

Not following the “Less is More” concept and wear too much

We all want out jewelry to look valuable and desirable at the same time, but wearing too much of it can affect the beauty of entire look. None of the jewelry pieces will stand out if all the pieces try to stand out at the same time. Too much of anything is never good and this goes for jewelry too. Going by the age-old concept “less is more”, you have to know which piece to wear and when.

The right piece of jewelry combined with the right attire can always create a wow factor. So instead of wearing too many pieces of jewelry at the same time, you need to choose the ones that will complement your attire very well.

Wearing jewelry that does not match the occasion

Many make the mistake of wearing the wrong piece of jewelry at the wrong place. Not all pieces of jewelry are fit for your office or college. Similarly, an invitation in the morning calls for different kind of jewelry pieces from a party at night. You have to know the piece that would match the occasion and accordingly pair it up with the right attire. While diamond necklace is appropriate for a night party, gold stud earrings are perfect for your Monday office meeting.

You have to be very careful while choosing the piece of jewelry keeping the occasion in mind. You watch and wedding ring along with a pair of studs is perfect for office interview while morning brunch with your friends calls for a pair of dangling earrings. Keeping in mind of the environment, you need to be very careful with the piece of jewelry you choose.

Not wearing jewelry based on your skin tone

While warm tone calls for gold, cool skin tone always looks great when it is silver or platinum. Keeping in mind about your skin tone is very important while you choose the right metal for your jewelry. Rose gold, white gold, platinum, yellow gold are some of the common metals that are in trend these days.

You need to choose the metal and stone that complements your skin tone. Even when you are purchasing a necklace, bracelet or wedding ring sets, you need to ensure that the exquisite piece of jewelry matches your skin tone. The right metal will brighten your overall look and add beauty to your attire.

Not focusing on a single statement piece of jewelry

A single piece of gorgeous jewelry can make a statement of your fashion. All you need is one piece of jewelry that can be the focal point and the rest will be there to accessorize it. If you are wearing a gold chain with diamonds, ruby, and amethyst encrusted on it, you need to keep the rest of your jewelry very subtle.

It is very difficult to choose the right piece from the entire collection and we all are tempted to pick everything in one. Refrain from doing this as this will dull your entire look.

For example, a heavy necklace with matching heavy chandelier earrings is a big no-no! They will look great when worn separately.

No have confidence while wearing Jewelry

Confidence can be considered as the most important jewelry for any individual. No matter which piece you wear, you need to wear it with confidence. When you don’t wear the piece of jewelry with confidence, the jewelry will ruin your image. You will look awkward in it and not feel comfortable at all. So be confident in what you are and the confidence will reflect on your face.

Apart from the above-written mistakes, one should also be careful with the size and weight of the jewelry item you choose. The weight of the jewelry piece should not be too much to make you feel uncomfortable.

At the same time, the size of the jewelry piece should be perfect and not too loose or too tight. Be it diamond engagement ring for your engagement or earrings for your wedding, the right fit for any piece of jewelry can add beauty to your look.

How To Buy Daily Wear Earrings


Earrings are a part of the everyday look for any woman. It completes the overall look. The right pair of earrings can perfectly complement your everyday attire. For those women who love earrings, getting the right pair of daily wear earrings is a little challenging. The earrings should be comfortable yet stylish at the same time.There are several points that you need to consider before you actually look for the right pair of daily wear earrings.Check out some of the most important points which you should consider.

Decide your budget

The budget should also be your concern if you are looking for daily wear diamond earrings of gold earrings. Research a lot and be sure of your preferences before you go for the right earring. Go for authentic and renowned names in this domain so that you do not get overpriced items. Fixing a budget before will help you to understand your needs and get the right pair of earring for everyday wear.

Choosing the perfect style

The very first thing that you need to check is your wardrobe. Check the kind of clothes you have and the type of earrings you would love to wear. Style personality is an important point to consider before you pick the right pair of earrings.

While some women are in love with an elegant pair of earrings others want to set a dramatic look with an exquisite pair of earrings.

For others, statement jewelry is something they prefer. The simple plain design of the earrings gives a wow factor to your overall outfit. Often women love to go with the same pair of earrings every day while there are some girls who love to go for geeky school girl style. You have to ensure your preferences before you choose the right pair.

Consider your face shape and choose the best match

Choose your earrings as per your face shape which can make your face look sleek, long, wide or fat. You need to go for earrings that go well with your face structure. If you have a face, you need to go for earrings that make your face look sleek and slimmer.

  1. Long drop or dangle earrings will work wonders on round face. Do not opt for hoops, large circular earrings or button studs which can only emphasize the roundness.
  2. Girls with faces having a square edge should go for oval-shaped, circular or hoop earrings.
  3. Girls having a long and narrow face must opt for earrings that can make your face look wider. Studs, clustered earrings, short dangles look great on the long and narrow face.
  4. Oval shaped dangle earrings, triangular earrings or simple studs perfectly suit anybody with an oval-shaped face.
  5. Go for a chandelier or teardrop earrings if you have a heart-shaped face.


Choosing the right kind of earrings according to your face can perfectly complement your overall personality. If you are not sure of the kind of face you have, diamond studs are the ideal option for you.

Go for the best combination of metal and stone

While some love gold earrings others love to go for diamond stud earrings. A lovely pair of gold-plated ruby earrings or emerald teardrop earrings always looks great on any individual. Be sure of the metal and the stone that you want when choosing for everyday wear earrings.

The right combination of metal and stone can add beauty to the overall beauty of your everyday look. Gemstone earrings are something that women love a lot. A simple ruby or emerald stud can create a statement look to your normal day attire. Diamond earrings, especially studs look great on any individual. It can accentuate the overall look and the sparkle of diamonds adds beauty to your overall look.

Be it gold, silver, gemstone earrings or diamond earrings, you need to pick up the right combination for your everyday use.

It should be comfortable for daily wear

Comfort is a very important factor for people who are looking for daily wear earrings. Earrings should be easy to carry and also lightweight at the same time.

One must be comfortable with the earrings as it will stay on ears for major part of the day. No matter whichever style you choose, comfort should be your first priority. It should not entangle with things and hurt you when you are working out, jogging, reading a book or even at your workplace.

These are some of the consideration that you need to take before you actually pick up the right pair of daily wear earrings. The right pair of earrings completes your look and adds flair to it. So grab the pair that suits your face and goes well with your personality.

Difference Between Eternity Ring and Anniversary Ring

Difference Between Eternity Ring and Anniversary Ring - dazzlingrock.comJewelry is typically given as a gift to your loved ones on special days to make the day even more special. Such special occasions include engagement, wedding or anniversaries.The jewelry items like necklace, diamond rings or bracelets are not just a token of love, it reminds one of the special days even years later. You can also gift the jewelry to express your love for your partner. It does not require a special day to gift a ring to your loved ones.

Diamond eternity rings are in vogue these days. It is something loved by every individual and considered as a heartfelt prized possession.

Eternity rings and anniversary rings are some of the major styles that tend to overlap each other. Check out below to learn the difference between eternity and anniversary rings:


An eternity is basically a complete circle of diamonds encircling the ring. The metal of the ring is mostly platinum, palladium, white gold, yellow gold or even rose gold in some cases. The precious gemstone is usually diamonds.

However, instead of diamonds, it can be other precious stones encircling the entire metal as well. But mostly it is diamonds of round shape that encircle the entire circumference of the ring. The diamonds encircling the complete circumference of the ring signifies the never-ending love for your partner. It is considered to be the pledge of a man to a woman.

The circle of diamonds symbolizes the eternal, unending love for each other. The eternity rings can consider as an engagement ring, wedding ring or even an anniversary ring. You can also gift an eternity band to your loved ones on their birthday, Valentine’s Day, a child’s birth or such other important occasions. It signifies their eternal love for your loved ones.

Not always you need a day to gift eternity rings to your loved ones. You can gift it on any day to your close ones. The sparkling diamonds throughout the ring speaks volumes about the unending love towards your partner.

It is very important to know the correct size when ordering an eternity band. This is because this particular style is very difficult to size later as diamonds encircle the entire ring. If sizing has to be done later, the symmetry of the diamond stones will go off leaving an obvious spot.


Anniversary rings are a creative way to express your profound love for your partner. Many people believe the fact that rings are the best gifts for anniversaries. Whether you go for a stone studded ring or a simple platinum band, the rings are the token of love and commitment that brings back memories years later.

You can find a lot of varieties and options when it comes to anniversary rings. Anniversary rings can be either three stone rings or a single precious stone with small stones accentuating the side of the ring. Diamonds can also encircle only half of the ring while the other half remains plain for anniversary ring. Emeralds, rubies, diamonds or even a simple gold ring can be an anniversary ring.


The major difference between eternity rings and anniversary ring is that there is a strict pattern for eternity rings which is not the case with anniversary rings. The small diamonds encircle the entire ring and very less part of the metal is seen. The shape of the diamonds may vary but the pattern is the same in any case for eternity bands.

This is not the case with diamond anniversary rings where an array of options is available. You can also give an eternity ring as an anniversary ring to your loved ones. Eternity wedding bands have a fixed setting known as the channel setting. Anniversary rings can be of any other setting apart from the channel setting. Both eternity rings and anniversary rings require extra care to clean. You can clean them with warm soapy water.

Let her know how special she is with a special gift. Be it an eternity ring or any other kind of anniversary ring, the ring will speak of your journey of togetherness, love, and commitment towards each other. Go for renowned names that can help you to get an elegant eternity ring or a beautiful anniversary ring.

It is time to express your love for your close ones from a reputed jewelry store. You should fix your budget to get rid of getting expensive items.

5 Must Have Jewelry Every Women Should Own

5 Must Have Jewelry Every Women Should OwnWomen and jewelry have had a very intimate relationship since the dawn of civilizations. From ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean to the Greek, Egyptian, the Byzantines and the Romans, archeological evidence and artifacts highlight the importance that jewelry has always enjoyed in society.

Most of the women’s jewelry focus on aesthetics. Women throughout history have worn jewelry to embellish their looks. Irrespective of her lifestyle or social class, jewelry remains essential in every woman’s wardrobe in modern times. From the red carpet to common streets, you will always find women wearing elegant pieces of jewelry like earrings and pedants among others.

Well, some items are essential to every woman’s jewelry box. Women use jewelry to complete a look, in a minute. Elegant Jewelry pieces are crucial when in a rush as they can complement any outfit a woman wears. Here are five must-have jewelry for women that are sure to last a lifetime:

Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings - Must Have Jewelry for women

They say diamonds are forever and for a good reason. Diamond jewelry is not only resplendent but is designed to last. The strength of this precious gemstone and its glamorous look makes it one of the most sought-after gems. Irrespective of the look you wish to pull off, one can never go wrong with diamond earrings. These earrings might look small but they have a big impact. They effortlessly add a hint of glitz and glamor to your look.

Your earrings will become the instant focus of attention and if you want to emphasize your beautiful face, wearing them would help you nail it effortlessly. These earrings for women are brilliant and the fact that they are minimalist in design makes them perfect for both formal and informal wear.

Due to the minimal amount of metal used while making diamond earrings, they can also complement anything you have in your wardrobe.

They are your go-to earring every single day, and the best thing about them is that they are durable. Simply put, diamond studs are the true epitome of understated glamour and elegance; you do not have to try too hard to get that desired effect.

Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet - Must Have Jewelry for women

In 1987, Chris Evert was playing a vigorous match of tennis at the U.S open. During the course of the game, she stopped and started searching for her bracelet. It turned out that her diamond bracelet was very precious to her, and the game was to stop until it was recovered.

This incident inadvertently spawned the term diamond tennis bracelet. Today, every woman consider this bracelet, with its fantastic simple symmetrical line of diamonds, a must-have.

The simplicity in design does not compromise the elegance that designers have in mind. This is a statement piece, which you can still wear every day. It complements any look you desire and is comfortable in your hand.

While diamonds work perfectly for the tennis bracelet, you can still choose cheaper metals to suit your budget. This will not affect the elegance and classic look for your bracelet. You can go with silver or other brilliant metals to get the desired effect.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings - Must Have Jewelry for women

Hoop earrings; who does not love them? These are a quintessential classic when it comes to women’s jewelry. Whatever the latest trends in the market, you will still see hoops on the red carpet. They are effortlessly glamorous and are among the best statement pieces you can choose. When chosen and worn, they help attain a pretty and edgy look.

By choosing a color that accentuates your skin tone, you can easily bring on the magic with your hoop earrings. For cool skin tones, the best hoops to go for are silvers and white gold. Hoops you choose must also be suitable for your neck length and face shape.

Whatever the outfit you have in mind, hoops can complement your look and bring out the best in you. A pair of discreet gold hoops will work with both your formal and casual wear. Whether you want to step out in a pair of jeans or you are going out for a soiree, you can easily polish your look with a perfectly chosen pair of hoop earrings.

Therefore, when you are in a hurry and you still want to look classy, just wear your beautiful gold hoops. If your hair is up and you need something to complement your look, a pair of gold hoops earrings will do the trick. This versatility of hoop earrings makes them every woman’s dream.

Statement Ring

Statement Ring - Must Have Jewelry for women

A statement ring is every woman’s secret weapon. This small piece of jewelry carries a big punch. For instance, diamond rings have been worn for ages to bring any look a woman wishes to live. When compared to large pendant or earrings such rings are subtle and do not scream for attention.

The brilliance of the metal alone is enough to get the desired effect. With a statement ring, you do not require to try too much as it becomes the focus of attention naturally.

Besides diamonds, you can pick any of your favorite stones for the centerpiece of your ring. The idea is to get bold with the color while at the same time picking something that complements your skin tone. The size of the rings should also complete your fingers. Statement rings are meant to accentuate your look and if you have nice long and slender fingers, black diamond rings will dazzle anyone who notices them. Today, these rings are becoming more popular at formal occasions and you will see stylish women wearing them to complement their casual wear.

Stylish Necklace

Stylish Necklace - Must Have Jewelry for women

This is a broad category because there are so many types of necklaces that a woman can wear. The most important point is to have a nice looking necklace in your jewelry box. Gold necklaces, solitaire pendants, statement necklaces such as turquoise necklaces, vintage-inspired lockets, pretty chokers, and pendant necklaces are among the most popular choices. A beautiful necklace helps bring out the best in your skin tone, draw focus to your face, accentuate your neckline and can carry some symbolic meaning.

Factors to consider when buying a necklace include the metal chain, which can be beads, Byzantine, mesh, snake, cable or rope designs. You have to consider too the right length and the stone to use.

Diamonds, gold, and silver are among the most popular metals to use for your neckpiece. The shape of your face is also an important consideration when buying a necklace; an oval face goes with any necklace shape, a heart-shaped face goes with lower choker style necklaces while an oblong face works perfectly with a high choker necklace.

Your height also matters when buying a necklace. If you are shorter, a long necklace will add visual length. For taller women, a choker will work perfectly. After considering all these factors, you can now choose a necklace that will complement your desired look. Remember, always choose a necklace that suits your skin tone and does not steal the show from the rest of your attire.


These five are some of the most crucial pieces of jewelry you should have in your jewelry box. Others worth mention include men-inspired watches, gold bangles, charm bracelets, diamond cocktail rings, pearls, and metallic cuffs.

All these play a big role in your overall look. It is important to select every piece of jewelry that you buy carefully, as this makes things easier for you when you wear them. Consider your body size and shape, your favorite look, lifestyle, favorite colors and your skin tone.

After considering all these factors, you will own pieces that are easy to wear anytime you are stepping out. Matching your outfit with your jewelry, in this case, becomes bliss and you will spend less time in front of the mirror.

Better still, if you are more careful when buying individual pieces you are sure to achieve the look you desire. Avoid buying jewelry just to fill your box instead buy jewelry that compliments your overall look. This will save you lots of money in the end. Many women have overflowing jewel boxes yet they struggle to find a single piece to wear any day. You can avoid such situations by simply buying jewelry that suits your needs.

If you have always had a problem choosing women’s jewelry, it is a time that you simplified things by narrowing your selection down to the essentials. It is better to have simple pieces that you can wear every day than having elaborate jewelry for which you struggle to find a suitable occasion. Diamond earrings, tennis bracelets, gold chains, pendant necklaces, hoop earrings and a statement ring will always come in handy when you want to look elegant.

These essential pieces are must-have Jewelry pieces for every stylish woman and they make life simpler indeed. The next time you are stuck deciding what to wear with your dress, just look at these essentials in every women’s jewelry box. You can never go wrong with them.

9 Tips To Match Your Wedding Jewelry and Wedding Dress

9 Tips That Ensure Your Wedding Dress and Jewelry Match- dazzlingrock.com

Choosing a wedding gown is one of the most challenging yet thrilling tasks you would undertake. However, it gets even more exciting when you add wedding jewelry to the equation. While your wedding dress will gain much of the attention, the jewelry you choose to wear with it is of equal importance. When done right, perfect jewelry pieces help accentuate your wedding dress, making it look more resplendent. Bridal jewelry also enhances your look.

Achieving a perfect look on your wedding day requires an understanding of the intertwined relationship between your wedding dress and wedding jewelry. Starting with the bridal wedding ring sets, the jewelry you choose must match the dress for a cohesive look. However, this is easier said than done. Many brides end up with jewelry that clashes with their dresses. Such a combination ruins the overall look, as each component of your bridal wear would compete for attention.

To avoid unwanted situations ensure that your wedding dress and jewelry match by following these tips:

1. Start With Your Wedding Dress

Picking your dream wedding dress is an arduous task and takes time. It is easier to start with a wedding dress before picking out jewelry. Before you start your search for bridal jewelry, make sure you have selected a bridal dress. The last thing you want is for your diamond wedding band to influence this choice. Do not rush to capitalize on jewelry bargains you come across, as this will eventually complicate things when it comes to matching your jewelry with your dress.

2. Match Your Metal Colors To Dress Color

There is a wide variety of stone colors from which to choose. When making your choice, remember that certain colors go well with specific dress choices. If you already have a wedding dress ready, choose the color of the metal in your bridal jewelry carefully. For instance:

a. Gold and rose gold accessories go perfectly with champagne colored dresses

b. Diamond set in white and yellow jewelry work well with white wedding dresses

c. Ivory wedding gowns are best paired with yellow gold

d. Silver, platinum or pearls work like magic when paired with a pure white dress

These are just a few of the pairings that you can work with. You can always decide to go bold, however, try to create harmony in any pairing you choose.

3. Get A Single Statement Piece

Every bride dreams of dazzling everyone present with a large stone or jewelry piece on this special day. To avoid a clashing of the overall look, make sure you have only one statement piece for this purpose. If you decide to go with a large pendant, do not use a headpiece and vice versa. Try to minimize the number of large pieces, as this is the only way they can complement your dress without stealing the show.

4. Remember Less Is More

This might sound cliché but when it comes to accessorizing, it is the best piece of advice you will get. Avoid the temptation to go overboard with your jewelry. Of course, you have so many beautiful pieces, and you would love to wear most of them, but doing that could ruin the overall look. Consider the effort that goes into choosing and designing a wedding dress before cluttering it with all kinds of jewelry.

While complementing your dress or accentuating particular parts of your body, the jewelry you wear should also fulfill an objective. For instance, it does not make any sense to wear large earrings as well as a large pendant at the same time. This just steals the attention from your beautiful wedding dress.

5. Try Customization for the Perfect Match

Matching a wedding dress with your dream jewelry is not always easy. For instance, you might intend to use a certain family heirloom that may or may not work with the dress you choose. In such a case, you can have your jeweler customize the piece to suit your wedding dress. This is an affordable alternative to changing your dress or buying new jewelry.

6. Match Wedding Dress Embellishment To The Bridal Jewelry

In case your wedding dress has beads, let their color influence the choice of wedding jewelry. The last thing you want is for everyone’s eyes to keep roaming over your dress trying to get the idea you had in mind. Most wedding gowns have crystal beading and silver embroidery; hence, it is advisable to choose clear or similarly colored stones to attain a cohesive look.

7. Blend Dress Style With Jewelry Style

You have the option of choosing a vintage or contemporary look during your big day. The wedding dress and wedding jewelry you choose should match. You can also blend traditional and modern styles for both your dress and bridal jewelry. This creates harmony in your overall look.

8. Get Bold with Color

When it comes to choosing colors, most brides are still conservative. White dresses are still preferred, while gold jewelry is popular. However, you can play with color to bring life to your look on this big day. Experiment with colors by trying out colored stones including sapphires, amethysts, and rubies. These stones should obviously match your wedding theme, body tone and should blend easily with most wedding dresses.

9. Consider The Neckline

The neckline is a focal point of the wedding attire. Brides can use this when choosing the right jewelry to go with their wedding dress. When choosing jewelry, avoid wearing heavy detailed necklaces with dresses that have high necklines. If you decide to go for a strapless, off-the-shoulder or sweetheart dress style, a bold necklace will do the trick, as the décolletage is visible. Simple and pretty earrings are all you would need for a dress that has a neckline with lots of decoration.

These are just a few of the considerations to help you match your wedding dress and wedding jewelry. It is easy to get the perfect cohesive look if you avoid going overboard and match metals to the dress color. Before shopping for bridal wedding jewelry, always start by getting a wedding dress that looks perfect. Matching your wedding dress and jewelry does not have to be so hard after all, does it?