Are Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings A Reality?

cheap diamond engagement rings

cheap diamond engagement rings

Cheap diamond engagement rings are not just a figure of speech. Genuine pieces of jewelry can be affordable but not really cheap. Fine jewelry is usually hard to come by at the cost you desire. But, there are many small but genuine pieces that might fit your budget. By cheap, you generally mean affordable not tacky right! Not everyone can afford to buy expensive rings for their partner but seldom despair. There are many buying tricks that you can employ to buy an exquisite piece of jewelry at a good bargain without actually compromising much on the quality.

Look for cheap diamond engagement rings that fulfill most quality parameters. If you are really lucky you may find a jeweler who is running a promotion or sale and is offering a good piece at a bargain. Searching online is a good option as many stores offer lucrative bargains on their web sites. It is wise to check for the credentials of the store to know that you are getting a genuine bargain and not being cheated. There are other ways to get cheap diamond engagement rings without breaking the bank.

Choose the metal wisely

Traditional metals used for engagement rings, like gold and platinum, are expensive and the costs are spiraling every day. Silver is a good alternative as it is cheaper and possesses enough tensile strength to hold the stone securely. This shining metal is a little difficult to maintain as it tarnishes easily, giving the ring a greenish black hue which is not attractive. This can be countered simply by using sterling silver which is an alloy with anti-tarnish properties.

The other metal that is in vogue today is the modernistic stainless steel. Many couples turn to stainless steel as a metal of choice as it is not only cheap, but also durable and easy to maintain. It is a very contemporary choice and may serve to symbolize the modern outlook of buyers of contemporary jewelry and cheap diamond engagement rings. These metals may actually halve the cost and allow you to buy cheap diamond engagement rings for each other. You may follow up with wedding rings in the same metal and upgrade to gold or platinum when you are able to do so.

Look for diamonds in cheaper cuts

Many people do not realize that not all diamond cuts are priced similarly. The fancy cuts do not inherently mean that the stone set within would bring with it a fancy price tag. In fact, a brilliant or round cut are among the most expensive albeit more popular cuts of diamond. Buying a fancy shape may save up to 25% of the cost of a round cut. The Asscher and the cushion cut are amongst the cheapest cuts and look beautiful too!

The radiant cut for example has a total of 70 facets and reflects light appropriately, although it is shallower than the round diamond. It is also about 25% lower in cost. The cheap diamond engagement rings you are looking for may be hiding in the marquise, pear, oval, emerald, cut stones. The notion that a fancier shape may entail a bigger cost is a myth. Double check prices of the stones in different shapes before you settle on one. If your heart is not set on a particular shape this might be a good way to maintain a budget. Most stores will carry myriad designs from top designers showcasing fancy shapes of the diamond. Think out of the box and cheap diamond engagement rings will be within your reach!

Color of the diamond matters too!

Surprised? Well the color of the stone set in cheap diamond engagement rings does determine its cost too! The laws of economics decree that the rarest of colors will the most expensive and the cheaper varieties are the stones which are more extensively available. Probably the most expensive stone is the colorless brilliant cut ones which are a rarity. The vivid yellow, oranges, pinks and purples are expensive too. But, the cheaper less vivid stones are quite beautiful, and in their right setting, may look very different and attractive.

The brown, yellow, gray and champagne hued diamonds are becoming exceedingly popular as a choice in the world of cheap diamond engagement rings. The mid-level range may actually dramatically reduce the cost of the stone to nearly 40% of colorless brilliant cut ones.

Size of the diamond is a deal breaker

The emotion that rules your heart when you propose to the love of your life is one that wants to impress and gratify. Impress your loved one with a stone that looks and feels beautiful and impressive. Do remember that tiny stones set in cheap diamond engagement rings may end up looking really unimpressive. They are best kept aside as you do not want to look cheap.

A small trick that most people do not know while buying cheap diamond engagement rings is that by choosing a stone that is not a rounded carat size often brings down the price substantially. For example a 95 cent stone set within cheap diamond engagement rings will not look much smaller than a one carat stone but the price may be substantially lesser. This is a good way to ensure a handsome ring without emptying your pocket. Look for odd sizes and enjoy a size that is similar but not much smaller than the optimal size you were looking for.

All these small tips will help you choose the best cheap diamond engagement rings without losing out or compromising in any way. It is intelligent to choose the store, from where you desire to buy your chosen ring, with great care. Malls are very expensive and there is almost a 20% markup due to overhead costs like rentals and infrastructure costs. These stores employ high cost staff too who are trained to sell you a higher value piece and you just might be tempted to buy a more expensive ring based on their recommendation.

Stick to your plan and your budget and start your hunt for cheap diamond engagement rings to impress your fiancé or fiancée. High quality yet cheap diamond engagement rings are known to last long and are fast making it to the trinket boxes of buyers of all generations and different walks of life. So, without any further ado, chalk out your budget and get going with the rings of your choice to make your special occasion of coming together all the more special. With the best cheap diamond engagement rings on your fingers, you can attract more than your fair share of glances from the guests at your engagement party.

Just log into your favorite sites selling cheap diamond engagement rings at a discount online and make your money go an extra mile. You will love to see the smile that comes your way when you slide the beautiful ring up your special someone’s finger.

Pledge Eternal Love with Affordable Wedding Rings Sets

Affordable Wedding Rings Sets

Affordable Wedding Rings Sets

The beauty of a wedding ceremony is ethereal and the vows affect romantics all practical guests alike; given this, hardly any dry eyes are found at a wedding. This rings especially true when the bride and grooms exchange their wedding vows and rings. Affordable wedding rings sets symbolize the vows that are integral to the ceremony. It is not necessary that the rings be elaborate and expensive or too over the top in design. It is the thought that matters in the long run. Affordable weddings rings sets are available in large quantities in the market. So, if you have a tight or shoe-string budget and are in no mood to splurge a fortune on your wedding rings, then help is close at hand in the form of cheap diamond engagement rings; you can always upgrade to a better version when you are able to afford more expensive pieces.

Wedding rings are often not as elaborate as engagement rings and are often designed to be worn together. The wedding ring can be as simple or as elaborate as the inclinations and desires nurtured by a couple. A simple band or a twisted eternity ring is what most couples opt for as a declaration of their love. Then, there are many others who do not wish to invest in affordable wedding rings sets and would rather go for showy and large rings. Here, we take a quick look at some of the top tips for choosing affordable wedding rings sets to match up with the occasion.

Tips to choose affordable weddings rings sets

At the very onset, both partners need to set forth their expectations and dreams in unison. It is a big decision. They need to be on the same page regarding whether they want to wear their rings regularly or occasionally. Then, they have to mutually decide and agree if they desire simple or elaborate rings, or would they rather exchange family heirlooms and rings. Most importantly, they have to figure out the budget that they have in hand. Given below is an estimate of some considerations that have to be reckoned with before you commence on the search for the perfectly affordable weddings rings sets.

  1. It is imperative that you set a budget for buying a wedding ring. The costs in arranging a wedding are humongous and overwhelming. You don’t want to over budget or keep too little for such rings. It is advisable that you budget carefully before you start looking for affordable weddings rings sets. Ideally, the costs should be from your savings as it is definitely not a good idea to get your wedding rings financed by a loan.
  2. The prime consideration should be the metal that should also be of your choice. Gold and platinum are natural choices, but might prove to be very expensive. Affordable weddings rings sets can be made out of sterling silver or even stainless steel. It is best not to choose flimsy rings as wedding rings as they are not designed to last. Silver might be prone to tarnish, but a little care will take care of this problem. So, the appropriate choice of metal is very important to gain access to high quality yet affordable weddings ring sets.
  3. Look for a good store that has a large variety and low margins for profits. There are many stores that provide good deals and humongous discounts if you buy both your engagement and wedding rings together.
  4. Buying rings online is also a smart option as you get to browse through hundreds of catalogues containing affordable wedding rings sets from within the comfort of your home. There are often very attractive promotional activities which can provide you with bumper deals. The prices can be compared across a large number of jewelers and so can the designs.
  5. Wherever you choose to buy affordable weddings rings sets do make sure that you study their return policy with great care. It is possible that the fit is suspect or your fiancé does not like the ring. The stone studded rings need a guarantee period for repair and maintenance as you can assess the quality of the rings only when you wear them regularly. You might even ask about replacement policies, so as to gauge the time when you might want to upgrade to a more lavish ring.

How to get affordable weddings rings sets?

You don’t have to be cheap just because you are looking for affordable weddings rings sets. It is a personal choice and the cost of the ring definitely does not have any bearings on the value of your love for each other. There are many ways in which you can procure affordable weddings rings sets.

  1. There is no harm if the wedding rings do not match. The idea of wearing familial rings is a matter of great sentiment for some people. The traditional heirloom rings carry within them a horde of feelings and warmth from the past generations. There is no monetary cost of these rings but the emotional value is very difficult to peg. It is a good idea to ask your family to be generous and give you a ring to stand as a wedding ring.
  2. Titanium bands can be a good option as they are simple and not too expensive; they do not require embellishments.
  3. If you are stuck on choosing gold and diamonds try 10 carat gold as a choice. These rings can have small diamonds across their face for added appeal. They look attractive and classy.
  4. You can make your affordable wedding rings sets turn into a treasure. Engrave your choicest inscriptions on sterling silver bands to create a masterpiece that is also eminently affordable.
  5. You can also opt for stainless steel bands with colored stones or Art Deco rings which at once look stylish and are quite affordable. You can always opt to change them for something more permanent when you can afford the same.

Looking after your wedding ring

So, have you decided to choose from among the most suitable affordable weddings rings sets to exchange at your wedding ceremony? If yes, how do you propose to look after them? If you are planning to wear the rings regularly, do be careful to keep them clean and sparkling. Check regularly that the stones are secure and the prongs are sturdy. If needed, do get them professionally serviced as and when necessary.

For plain bands, a simple soft cloth and gentle detergent will do well. Buff the metal to get a good shine. A little tender loving care will go a long way in keeping your valuables safe. Affordable weddings rings sets may be cheap but the sentiment that lies behind the rings cannot be gauged with their monetary value alone. Choose well, be flexible with your choice and treasure the rings and the love behind them.

These 7 Precious Stones Make Great Diamond Substitutes

white diamond on black stone

What stone sparkles like diamond but isn’t diamond? If you’re looking for something that looks like a diamond but is more affordable then you’ll find these diamond alternatives just as beautiful! And they’re pretty on your pocket, too.

Here’s a list of precious gemstones – some shine as brilliantly as diamonds, some have their own elegance and charm that sets them uniquely apart from diamonds.

1. Moissanite

Take a look at the moissanite. The original precious gem is very rarely found in nature. Lucky for us, these gems can now be made in the lab. Ten times brighter than any diamond, a moissanite can give the best of diamonds a complex with its brilliant sparkle and fire! The price is budget-friendly, too, making a moissanite one of the finest options to substitute a diamond.

2. Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is another alternative to diamond that costs a fraction of what a diamond costs and yet has an intensive dazzle that shines in comparable brilliance. This stone is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. Like the moissanite, this stone is synthesized but it is not as hard as a real diamond. If you’re looking to substitute diamonds with CZ, then choose a smaller carat CZ which tends to look more like real diamonds. The problem with CZ, however, is that they absorb oils and may become cloudy over time, if a little extra care is not taken.

3. Amethyst

The discovery of large deposits of amethyst in Brazil brought down the price of this precious gem. It has a mass appeal and yet its rich look is suited for royalty. It is the most popular purple gemstone and its hardness makes it a durable choice for earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants. The amethyst in its lavender felinity lends such grace and elegance to the piece of jewelry being worn.

4. Sapphire

The timeless sapphire in its simple beauty is another favored choice. White sapphires are a beautiful substitute to diamonds. These dazzling gemstones are heat treated to increase its brilliance, lighten the color or improve appearance. With the choice of pink, yellow, black or blue sapphire’s you have the choice to pair them with whatever colors you prefer to bring out the beauty of the stone.

5. Emerald

Emerald is the most famous and most valuable green stone in the beryl family. The lush green shine of an emerald is said to purify the soul and ignite imaginations. Generally, the paler the green the less expensive it is. Paired with any other pastel color makes emerald, like royalty, stand out.

6. Ruby

The most valuable rubies come from the mines of Burma. Classically red and shiny, the ruby represents brightness and warmth. Its deep, almost blood red color makes it more appealing and desirable. It’s the symbol and color of love. Pair it with gold, silver, white gold and you have yourself a sharp and classy jewelry set.

7. Pearls

Pearls are simple, yet classy and many are enamored by their timeless charm. Their appeal lies in the fact that they add a beautiful touch of elegance to any outfit and are a great choice for any occasion.

Customization – Make Your Jewelry as Special as You

For those who want a customized piece of jewelry unique to your taste, you can get jewelry made to suit your taste, preference and design. understands how special this is to you and can carefully craft jewelry to create a design that is as special as your occasion.

Whether you’re on a budget or willing to spend much, you can shop by collection, jewelry, gemstone, metal or price at Dazzling Rock. Browse through the Swarovski crystal collection for very delicate and sophisticated jewelry, unique to the Swarovski brand. You’ll even find a clearance section where you’re bound to find some great discounts. And remember, Dazzling Rock is in the business of personalizing your jewelry. The variety of gemstones has you spoilt for choice. Moissanite, cubic zirconia, sapphire, ruby, whatever your birthstone or gemstone choice, we can create a unique design just for you.

Spunk engagement, classy wedding, old school proposal – whatever the occasion, ‘rock’ it!

Choose the Best Morganite Diamond Ring to Flaunt your Style

Morganite Diamond Ring

Morganite Diamond Ring

At the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the shutterbugs went crazy over the large size morganite diamond ring on the finger of Catherine Zeta Jones. It was a 22 carat morganite diamond cocktail ring that was surrounded by white diamonds and set in rose gold. It was a beauty!

Blake Lively recently flaunted a pale pink oval diamond weighing around 12 carats, now that’s huge, right! Well, that’s what celebrities love to wear, bigger looking rings with large centre stones.

Celebrities have a different budget when they are on a shopping spree. For them ‘the bigger, the better’ is the concept they work on. However, ladies don’t despair; you too can have all that red carpet bling with your morganite diamond ring. Just consult a jewellery designer and custom-design your own ring that may be inspired by some famous Hollywood rings. The end result would be a soft pink morganite diamond ring that your family and friends would be envious of.

Peachy Pink Morganite

Morganite rings are durable and have a fantastic sparkle. This rare semi-precious stone is a close cousin to more familiar beryls like Emerald and Aquamarine. Though its color ranges from pale pink to peachy pink, violet pink and salmon color, it’s better known for its peachy pink shade. There is a rare magenta colored morganite that is found only in Madagascar which is highly sought after by collectors and jewellery designers. This gemstone exudes compassion and divine love; therefore it serves to be a more preferred gemstone for its warm overtones. If you are a pink kind of a girl then the soft color of morganite is neutral enough to accommodate any fashion choice without worrying too much about matching your outfit with your accessories.

With a good hardness rating of 7.5 to 8 on the Moh’s Scale, morganite is a combination of high hardness and durability. Also, being a Type 2 gemstone, morganites lack any visible inclusions. If needed, your jewellery designer would readily cut and polish the pink gemstone selected by you for enhancing the beauty and brilliance of the resulting morganite diamond ring.

Can’t Get Enough of Morganite!

Imagine a 2 carat princess cut morganite gemstone mounted on rose gold metal, with the morganite being surrounded by white diamonds. Wow! Won’t that make for an exquisite ring! Morganite set in rose gold exudes much sharper colors from the morganite. Are you still looking for a special stone for your next ring? Compared to other rare gemstones, morganite is an affordable option. You will definitely fall in love with morganite because its light pastel shades are flawless, stunning and affordable. Jewellery designers can easily cut odd-shaped morganite pieces into the perfect shape for maximizing their color and brilliance.

The darker shades of morganite can also be mounted on white gold or platinum to soften the dark pink shade of morganite. A three stone morganite ring usually has a cushion cut center stone with and pear-shaped side stones on each side; these three stones, when surrounded by white diamonds, surely make for a mind-blowing ring.

Some of the most desirable shapes of morganite are round, oval, pear, cushion, trillion, heart and briolette. There are many designs and styles to choose from, just click on the various online stores that deal with morganite diamond rings and you will see yourself getting spoilt for choice. You may like to visit a local reputed jeweler who can help you custom design your own ring.

Beliefs Related to Morganite

They are just beliefs, to be taken with a pinch of salt. Believe only what you want. Morganite is a very pretty pink stone of love and happiness. It carries an energy that can warm the soul of the person who is wearing the morganite ring. It represents purity and potential and cleanses the body of stress and anxiety. If these properties are to be believed then you definitely want your loved one to wear a morganite diamond ring so that she is always warm and stress free. Morganite also helps in balancing masculine and feminine energy and is believed to help with asthma, heart and lung disorders. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you think it is worth investing in a morganite diamond ring that claims to have such amazing crystal healing powers?

Care and Maintenance of Morganite Diamonds

1. Morganite rings are hard and durable, but they do require care and cleaning after being used a few times. Like other gemstone rings, a morganite diamond ring is sensitive to pressure and needs to be kept away from harsh household cleaning chemicals like bleaching powder or sulphuric acid.

2. To keep it clean and shinning, all you need to do is soak your ring in warm soapy water and gently scrub it clean; thereafter use a soft cloth to rub it dry. You have to be extra careful in removing the entire soapy residue from the ring or else the shine on the ring will go kaput! Due to its hardness, morganite can easily scratch and damage other precious gemstone jewellery; therefore you need to store your morganite diamond ring separately.

3. Once in every few years, it is a good idea to take your morganite diamond ring to your trusted local jeweler for thorough cleaning, and if needed, for any repair work that is required on the ring. It will not only bring back the shine on your ring but also make is last a life time.

Since this lustrous pink stone is more affordable than other gemstones, think big and go big! You can get the feel of being a Hollywood diva walking on the red carpet in your own capacity. Choose the size that suits your pocket, and you will definitely have some envious friends around.

Think different and don’t shy away from making a soft yet bold statement with the pinkish shade of a morganite diamond ring!

Three Stone Diamond Rings – Present the Timelessness of your Love in the Most Beautiful Way

Three Stone Diamond Rings

Three Stone Diamond Rings

You have decided to spend remaining of your lifetime with the love of your life and you have already started looking for a diamond engagement ring as precious and unique as her. How about getting a ring that perfectly symbolizes your memorable past, happy present, and a promising future with numerous beautiful moments? Simply put, shop your engagement ring from the collection of three stone diamond rings available out there.

For every millennial out there who is looking for a better alternative than a usual solitaire diamond ring, a three stone diamond engagement ring is the answer. It is one of the most popular engagement ring styles in the market today. A three stone ring also makes for a most romantic anniversary gift for her. It’s trendy yet elegant.

The Idea Behind Three Stone Rings

A three stone ring isn’t just any ring with three diamonds placed in a visually appealing manner. But it brilliantly encapsulates your relationship with your loved one. The ring has the ability to tell a story of your unique relationship with her.

The three diamonds or stones in the ring indicate past, present and the future. The center stone, meaning the ‘present’ stone, is usually the biggest one in size. So, if you are looking for a more meaningful engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversary ring or promise ring, a three stone ring makes a best choice. These rings are also known as trinity rings.

You Have More Choices

Compared to other ring settings and styles, you get to choose from more design choices in the category of three stone diamond rings. For example, you can select from the different stone sizes and shapes of centered diamond stone. If you want a pop of color, you can select blue diamond, champagne diamond, black diamond and colorful gemstones like blue topaz, blue sapphire, amethyst, garnet, ruby and peridot in center stone or side stones.

In addition to traditional yellow gold, three stone diamond rings are also available in white gold, rose gold, sterling silver and brass. You can also have a combination of diamond and gemstones in your three stone rings. With colors, shapes, sizes, metals and styles, you can have plenty of combinations of three stone rings to choose from. This means that you can create bespoke ring design which is truly unique. Princess cut diamonds are a popular trend in past present future rings.

In three stone rings, it is not compulsory to have side stones of same shape as the centered stone. Half moon diamonds present the center diamond in a very glamorous way. Sapphire and rubies make excellent choice for side stones. They will add sparkle and beauty to the overall ring design.

If you like monochrome look in your jewelry or looking for a quirky ring, shop a three stone ring with black and white diamonds into it. Explore the many style options in halo settings. In short, there are no boundaries for creativity. And thus, you have numerous options in three stone diamond rings to shop from.

Flaunt Your Style & Make A Bold Statement

If you are a bride-to-be who want to make a bold statement and stand out in the crowd, or you want to gift her a ring that says, ‘I have loved you, I love you now and I will always love you’, or want to celebrate a special bond of your relationship on a special day, the three stone engagement ring makes a right choice. Some couples also call it ‘the forever ring’.

Choose your birthstones as side stones or choose your favorite color in one of the three stones. You can have a plethora of design options with three stone diamond rings. Create a ring that speaks of your own story and commitment in the most romantic way.

On Short Budget? Replace The Diamond!

Indeed diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings and anniversary rings. But if you are on tight budget and looking for some more affordable options, remember the three stone ring doesn’t have to have a diamond. You can choose three stone rings with cubic Zirconia or tsavorite gemstones. They look very much similar to white diamonds, but cost only a fraction of diamond’s price.

If you love to show colors, you can have emeralds, pearls, moonstones, sapphires, opals and rubies in any desired combination in your three stone ring. You can also decide to have your ring in brass or sterling silver instead of the traditional gold or platinum. Shop online and you will find three stone rings in a wide range of prices and styles.

What’s important is the ring you choose fits her style. So, are you ready to create your own three stone ring? Explore a huge variety of designs and styles in three stone diamond rings online to get some more ideas.