Diamond Engagement Rings are the Way to your Woman’s Heart

Diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings are forever and must be the most important purchase of your life. Not only do they signify your commitment to the love of your life, they are also (most probably) the most expensive purchase that you may have made till date. It is important that if you want to buy diamond engagement rings all on your own, and without her help, you must be aware of a lot of factors that go into the purchase of this important piece of jewelry that has a lot of sentiments attached to it. You would definitely not like returning the ring for another one.

Understanding her taste in jewelry

It is of utmost importance that you know and understand your partner’s taste in jewelry. It is a good idea to pay attention to what kind of jewelry she wears on a regular basis. Is she partial to classic pieces or is she the modern and cutting edge designer type? Is she more fond of white metals or gold? Does she lean towards delicate pieces or are chunky pieces her scene? Keep a track of her choices as they will the blueprint of your choice. If you are aware of her choice you have very little chances of going wrong when buying diamond engagement rings. These days, there is absolutely no dearth of designs to choose from at online and offline stores. All that you need to do is chalk out your preferences and budget and you are good to go once you have put in ample research hours.

Knowing her ring size

Does your partner wear rings? If yes, you are almost there. “Borrow” her ring and trace the inner side onto a piece of paper or press it onto a bar of soft soap to get an impression. If that sounds difficult, just slide the ring down one of your fingers and mark the place where it stops. Voila! You have her ring size. Your jeweler should be able to use these measurements to get the size of her ring.

It is a tad more difficult if she does not prefer to wear rings. The way out is to make an educated guess. The average size that ring wearers in the U.S use is size 6. If your fiancée is slender and petite, a ring size of 4 ½ to 5 ½ range would serve as the right size. If she is bigger boned or even taller then the ring size could be 6 ½ to 7 ½. It is a good idea to buy a bigger size as it is easier to resize a bigger ring than a smaller one.

Shape, size, color, clarity matter a lot

If you are already aware of your partners likings things are easy, but it is wise to remember that people wear their diamond engagement rings till they are married. It is a safer bet to not go for a very modern or edgy design as trends change with age and a classic ring looks good through the years. Do also keep in mind that the engagement ring is often paired with the wedding ring and a classic design is easier to match. Shapes are a personal preference and also can affect the cost of the ring. So, if you are on the lookout for a bargain, do look out for shapes that are easier on the pocket.

If your partner is more traditional and likes clean lines in clothes, furniture etc. she is more likely to appreciate round or square shapes as well as more traditional colors like white. But if she likes to experiment you can opt for a pink, orange or yellow diamonds too. After all, whatever the color, diamond engagement rings are the best ways to impress your girl.

The cut of the diamond refers to the facet arrangement that is done while it is prepared for consumer use. Diamonds are cut in brilliants, princess, marquise, cushion, Asscher, emerald, oval and many more cuts. These cuts (again) determine the look of the diamond engagement rings and their value. If you have a low budget look for cheaper cuts like the cushion and the Asscher cuts. A solitaire is always a solitaire, regardless of the cut!

The bigger the carat weights of the diamond the bigger the price tag. Do not break your budget when you buy diamond engagement rings. Look for a size according to your pocket. A friendly tip, buy a stone with uneven carat weight to get a good bargain. For example, instead of a full carat look for a 90 cent stone, it will be considerably cheaper.

How to decide on the perfect setting for the diamond engagement rings?

You may want to decide the setting and the style and buy a readymade ring. There is an exhaustive range of diamond engagement rings that’s available in offline stores and online jewelry portals in many designs and settings. Else, you may decide to choose a stone first and then create a setting for the stone according to her choice or your idea of what she would like. Your jeweler will be quite happy to create a design for you.

When you finalize a design do keep in mind what kind of lifestyle your partner follows. If she is the sporty and outdoorsy kinds, she would like a ring that is smaller and less ornate. The ring should not be likely to hit or snag things easily. If she is the quieter kinds she would probably like the rings which are a little more elaborate but classic and ever green. A flashy and outgoing girl would like a ring that suits her personality, a ring which is large, striking and a conversation starter. Diamond engagement rings are available in varied cuts, colors, shapes, and settings, choose the one that suits you best.

The preconditions of buying the perfect diamond engagement rings

The first thing that you must keep in mind is that you should keep a fixed budget. When you are buying something so close to your heart, a manifestation of your love to your soul mate, it is easy to lose perspective. You want to buy the best that is available; but there is a word of caution here. Fix a budget before you start looking and stick to it. Diamond engagement rings are available in a wide range and there is one to suit every budget.

Be sure of the type of ring you want to buy. You are likely to be confused once you see the variety that is available in the market. So, make a note of your loved one’s preferences and then start looking. Do not deviate from your choice even if the sales attendant shows you a mind boggling variety. After all the recipient of the diamond engagement rings has a choice of her own.

Look for bargains as most stores have some offers or the other going on across the year. It is a good idea to look for deals online. There are many stores with an online presence that are known to offer promotional deals that can save you a lot of money. Buy the perfect diamond engagement ring for your partner and demonstrate your love in the best possible way. Once you manage to choose the right diamond engagement rings, it is essential that you understand the methods of taking good care of the same. Your diamond engagement rings are meant to last a lifetime and will be worn in conjunction with the wedding rings. Given this, it is a good idea to take all necessary steps to keep scratches and abrasions at bay – you would not like to flaunt dull –looking rings, would you?

Diamond Promise Rings: For Promises Meant to Last a Lifetime

Diamond Promise Rings

Diamond Promise Rings

Promise rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, etc. are all different kinds of rings that are making it to the trinket boxes of the young and old alike. As you probably know, wedding rings and engagement rings are traditionally flaunted on the fourth finger of one’s left hand as they then touch a vein that runs directly to the wearer’s heart from the finger. The presence of such rings is solace providing as they give off a comfortable feeling of having something close to the skin that says, “You are loved, truly and eternally!”

The fine circular shape of diamond promise rings is no different; they give an equally comforting feel of being cared for, needed and loved. These rings depict an eternal promise of loving someone, abstaining from certain things, or simply promising that you care. How would you like to explore the world of diamond promise rings a bit more closely to understand the significance and lure of these attractive pieces of jewels in recent and contemporary times?

These days, it is common to find diamond promise rings in a variety of designs and cuts. Things were different thousands of years ago, especially when aspiring grooms would give pretty rings to their brides-to-be to symbolize their immortal love. This was especially true in the case of ancient Egyptians. In later days, Roman men were known to present rings to their women as a symbol of ownership. This said, it is clear that engagement bands and wedding rings have been in vogue for centuries. However, things are a little different with promise rings. As far as wearers with discerning taste are concerned, they would like to settle for nothing less than diamond promise rings to give shape to their vows.

Pretty and expensive diamond promise rings can be purchased either from brick-n-mortar jewelry stores or from portals dedicated to the cause of selling the best jewelry online. While the idea of exchanging diamond promise rings or the ones made of other precious and semi-precious gems may seem to be superfluous or unnecessary to certain users, there are many others who like to swear by the same. In most cases, these rings are considered to be an additional step between dating and being betrothed or engaged. This concern raises the question, “Is it really important to include diamond promise rings or is it okay to skip the step entirely and go on straight to engagement rings?

Silver promise rings, gold promise rings, diamond promise rings, etc. are but a symbol of devotion or commitment in case of couples. You may like to think of these pieces as a sign of love, something akin to what high school boys gifted their girlfriends with in the form of class rings. These rings generally show that you have been exclusively dating. Also, they are a smart way of expressing your passion in case words fall short.

Diamond promise rings are beautiful investments that mean much more than simply updating Facebook relationship status or proclaiming your love on social media. These rings are a physical symbol of romantic connections. They showcase the promise that you make to each other. In many cases, they could hold an underlying pledge which underlines a couple’s faithfulness to each other, opt for better choices, make sacrifices, or commit yourself to anything that has to be done to keep the relationship alive. Some diamond promise rings lovers also invest in promise rings for sharing to the world that their engagement is in the foreseeable future.

Whatever be the reason, for building up finances, furthering their education, for the simple fact that the couple is too young for marriage, or that they are unprepared to get into any marriage commitment at the moment but would want to do so eventually, these promise rings come in handy. Then, there are other wearers of diamond promise rings who desire to exchange such and other rings even though they may or may not nurture the intention of getting married. That’s perfectly okay as those who buy diamond promise rings online or from offline stores may just be in love or dating, or may not be too stressed about getting into a serious relationship at any later stage of their lives. The views on marriage, love and dating can differ from one person to another – sometimes less, sometimes more. And accordingly, they may want to get home the promise rings of their choice.

Coming to the origin of diamond promise rings, the notion of exchanging these rings to herald their promise of affection and love, was not taken out of thin air by the young at heart, nor is it a recent fancy. Though promise rings may not be as popular as engagement rings or wedding rings, they match the modern definition and had appeared (approximately) in the year 1576.

If you are interested in knowing more about wedding rings, diamond promise rings, and other such rings, then the one kind that deserves mention is posy rings that had originated way back in the 16th century in England. They were known as such as they had engraved lines drawn from romantic poems and other short messages. “Let us share in joy and care” and “united hearts death only parts” are some striking examples of inscriptions on erstwhile posy rings.

In the Georgian and Victorian years, diamond promise rings and acrostic rings became majorly popular and boasted of gemstones which were arranged for spelling out words or secret messages. In recent times, people are known to give diamond promise rings just about any meaning that comes to their minds. For example, there are some ladies women who love gifting promise rings friends for indicating their platonic bond for each other. These diamond promise rings and other rings are in the nature of friendship bracelets and may comprise of half-heart shapes, etc.

You may like to buy the kind of diamond promise rings that holds much significance for you. You may like to invest in one such ring that signifies your goals and aspirations. Or, you may want to buy diamond promise rings to give vent to your religious beliefs, or to commemorate a celebration, certain achievement, or the happening of a religious event. Do know that the options are endless and you will have plenty of ideas and designs to draw from. Overall, promise rings, especially the exquisite diamond promise rings sold online, are being used for signifying a pre-engagement ring or one’s romantic love.

Lastly, you may want to know how diamond promise rings differ from chastity rings or purity rings as they are more commonly called. The trend of purity rings had arisen in the 1990s and they project an altogether different history and motivation than promise rings. Mainly associated with religious groups, purity rings provide a subtle reminder that the wearer promises to remain abstinent until marriage. In most cases, such rings are gifted by parents to their daughters, or the wearer of these diamond promise rings may purchase the ring for herself. A purity ring is generally replaced with a standard wedding band when the wearer is getting married.

There is certainly a lot more to diamond promise rings than what meets the eye. They often declare the love that wearers have been professing for each other since centuries. They proclaim the love of lovers in serous ways and are not limited to gestures prompted by infatuation. Quite distinct from wedding rings, purity rings, and engagement rings, these jewels help in declaring one’s unconditional love in the easiest of ways. So, if you have failed to woo your loved one courtesy songs, letters, poems, short messages, etc. then diamond promise rings may just do the trick. Invest in the best diamond promise rings in your budget and watch the magic unfurl.

How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Looking to pop the question to that special someone? Choosing an engagement ring can be something of an exciting yet stressful experience. So many questions come to mind. How big should the diamond be? Will it suit her general dressing style? What if she doesn’t like it? All of these questions can be answered by following these simple guidelines to picking the perfect engagement ring for her.

Observation Is Key

Once you have made up your mind to take the plunge it is now time to start window shopping for rings and short-listing a few. But before you start, you need to have a bit of an idea about her general dressing style. You probably know her best, but when it comes to jewelry women can be fickle.

Watch what she wears in jewelry over a period of a week or so. Are the pieces she wears chunky? Are they delicate? Does she wear a lot of gemstone studded trinkets? Does she prefer plain metal pieces? Keep a keen eye out for everything. Not just rings. Look at necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, eyebrow piercings, nose rings, everything!

You will notice a pattern soon enough and when you do go to an engagement ring store eventually, you will be able to picture certain rings on her fingers a lot easier.

Be Sneaky

You can’t outright ask her. That would be silly. No. What you must do is look for opportunities to comment on other people’s jewelry, especially engagement rings if you can. For instance, if you are watching a movie where boy proposes to girl, make a comment about how big or small the ring is and see how she reacts. It should give you enough of a clue about what kind of ring she might like. Similarly TV commercials, TV shows, billboard ads, etc. can be used as sneaky opportunities to elicit information.

However, you want to avoid this too much because she will catch on soon enough and we don’t want that!

Know Your Choices

And finally, before you zero in on a winner, you need to know your options. So here is a quick list of styles that you are likely to encounter in the hunt for the perfect ring.

The Classic Solitaire

We all know the classic solitaire. A simple ring with a huge dazzling rock! The size of the diamond will differ depending on the ring but the basic design will have only one fairly large diamond as the center of attention. We won’t deny that this is quite a popular style with most women. So should you blindly choose a solitaire, we would say the odds would ever be in your favour!

Halo Ring

Halo rings are solitaire rings taken up a notch. Meaning, these rings have one massive stone in the center, much like the solitaire style but they also have tinier stones surrounding the large one creating a—you guessed it—halo. Seeing that these rings have far more stones than a solitaire, the price goes up quite a bit. But they are definitely worth it if they will compel her to say yes!

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

What better way to make her feel like princess than with a princess cut diamond engagement ring? Yes, they are absolutely as fancy as they sound! These rings typically have gems that are cut in a sort of “square” shape, popularly known as the princes cut. If you think about it, these can also be categorized as solitaires but they add a touch of glamour to the whole affair. You may also find princess cut rings with bands that are studded with smaller stones for a dash of added elegance.

Cluster Rings

Cluster rings stray away from the traditional style of engagement rings. Some people prefer that their rings be different or unique so to speak. These rings usually have a “cluster” or stones in the center either creating a flower or star shape. They may also have a cluster of metal molded into a design and then studded with diamonds or other gems. So if your girl is one of a kind, maybe this is the type of ring you should consider.

Now that you are well acquainted with the styles, all that is left is to put your observations to good use and choose one that you think will suit her best.

If you are looking for stunning rings that won’t cost an arm and a leg, Dazzling Rock is a website you absolutely must check out. They offer a lovely collection of engagement rings that will have you spoilt for choice. They allow you to customize rings and choose your own stones and metals. And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave home to go ring shopping. Just do it from your couch! So go on, take a peek at their website and see if you can’t find something that she would absolutely love!

Good luck to you!

What’s Trending in Gemstones This Year


“A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Sure Marilyn Monroe sang it out loud but every girl can relate! There is nothing you can’t say with a gorgeous rock. Whether you want to splurge a little on yourself, or spoil your woman, dazzling rock has just the stones for you. Choose from our abundant collection of everything from amethysts to emeralds and the ever so rare black sapphire, set in any precious metal you can think of! But before you make your decision maybe you can steal some inspiration from these stunning gemstone trends of 2017.

1. Rose Gold

Thanks to Apple Inc. Rose Gold has now become a very popular tone not just for iPhones but also in jewelry. 2017 trends show that diamonds and colored rocks set in rose gold are in. But not all colored rocks. Pink sapphires, rubies, morganite, white sapphire and Swarovski Crystals are predicted to make an appearance, set in none other than America’s favorite Rose Gold. This smashing ring from Dazzling Rock has delicate pink sapphires set around a larger pink sapphire in a luscious 18k of rose gold.

2. Less Is More

Flashy, chunky jewelry is out. Delicate, simple and more intricate designs are in. Trends are leaning towards single statement pieces instead of multiple layering with numerous items of jewelry. This gorgeously delicate blue diamond ring from Dazzling Rock is set in 10k of white gold.

3. Elaborate Engagement Rings

There is only one exception to the “less is more” trend, and that is engagement rings. Every lady deserves her grand gesture with an over the top engagement ring. It is her moment to shine and it will become a story she will be telling her children and grand children for years to come. So yes, the ring must be elaborate! This beauty of a ring that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale features a large blue sapphire surrounded by white diamonds set in 14k of white gold for ultimate elegance.

4. Bigger, Better Charm Bracelets

Gone are the days when charm bracelets had only one tiny charm dangling from them. In 2017, these are slowly morphing into intricate necklaces with multiple charms on them. Another take on the charm bracelet this year is the tennis diamond bracelet. Imaging flaunting your rocks while gracefully beating your opponent at a game of tennis! An intricate stream of delicate diamonds from Dazzling Rock is all you need for your next game of tennis at the club.

5. Asymmetrical Jewelry

Asymmetrical jewelry, especially earrings, are coming in big this year. Un-identical pairs of earrings really add a splash of boldness to a look. Emma Watson is wearing it with absolute grace! Some more examples of asymmetrical earrings are lock and key, keyboard and mouse, Tom and Jerry, etc.

6. Native American Twist

The Native American influence in jewelry is taking over the market in 2017. Dream catcher pendants, feather earrings, crescent charms, etc. are just a few styles that seem to be cropping up everywhere. The natural element that the Native American style brings to jewelry is the just the splash of freshness that we have all been waiting for.

It is important to note that trends and styles are ever evolving and ever changing. While the actual stones and metals will always be the same, the combinations in which they are put together will flow with the times and change as generations change. But they will never cease to amaze and astonish you. The sheer beauty of gemstones will leave you radiant and youthful for years to come.

With Dazzling Rock, choose your own stones, metals and styles to create a unique design that is just for you. Wear it with pride, and maybe you can start a new trend this year!

Are Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings A Reality?

cheap diamond engagement rings

cheap diamond engagement rings

Cheap diamond engagement rings are not just a figure of speech. Genuine pieces of jewelry can be affordable but not really cheap. Fine jewelry is usually hard to come by at the cost you desire. But, there are many small but genuine pieces that might fit your budget. By cheap, you generally mean affordable not tacky right! Not everyone can afford to buy expensive rings for their partner but seldom despair. There are many buying tricks that you can employ to buy an exquisite piece of jewelry at a good bargain without actually compromising much on the quality.

Look for cheap diamond engagement rings that fulfill most quality parameters. If you are really lucky you may find a jeweler who is running a promotion or sale and is offering a good piece at a bargain. Searching online is a good option as many stores offer lucrative bargains on their web sites. It is wise to check for the credentials of the store to know that you are getting a genuine bargain and not being cheated. There are other ways to get cheap diamond engagement rings without breaking the bank.

Choose the metal wisely

Traditional metals used for engagement rings, like gold and platinum, are expensive and the costs are spiraling every day. Silver is a good alternative as it is cheaper and possesses enough tensile strength to hold the stone securely. This shining metal is a little difficult to maintain as it tarnishes easily, giving the ring a greenish black hue which is not attractive. This can be countered simply by using sterling silver which is an alloy with anti-tarnish properties.

The other metal that is in vogue today is the modernistic stainless steel. Many couples turn to stainless steel as a metal of choice as it is not only cheap, but also durable and easy to maintain. It is a very contemporary choice and may serve to symbolize the modern outlook of buyers of contemporary jewelry and cheap diamond engagement rings. These metals may actually halve the cost and allow you to buy cheap diamond engagement rings for each other. You may follow up with wedding rings in the same metal and upgrade to gold or platinum when you are able to do so.

Look for diamonds in cheaper cuts

Many people do not realize that not all diamond cuts are priced similarly. The fancy cuts do not inherently mean that the stone set within would bring with it a fancy price tag. In fact, a brilliant or round cut are among the most expensive albeit more popular cuts of diamond. Buying a fancy shape may save up to 25% of the cost of a round cut. The Asscher and the cushion cut are amongst the cheapest cuts and look beautiful too!

The radiant cut for example has a total of 70 facets and reflects light appropriately, although it is shallower than the round diamond. It is also about 25% lower in cost. The cheap diamond engagement rings you are looking for may be hiding in the marquise, pear, oval, emerald, cut stones. The notion that a fancier shape may entail a bigger cost is a myth. Double check prices of the stones in different shapes before you settle on one. If your heart is not set on a particular shape this might be a good way to maintain a budget. Most stores will carry myriad designs from top designers showcasing fancy shapes of the diamond. Think out of the box and cheap diamond engagement rings will be within your reach!

Color of the diamond matters too!

Surprised? Well the color of the stone set in cheap diamond engagement rings does determine its cost too! The laws of economics decree that the rarest of colors will the most expensive and the cheaper varieties are the stones which are more extensively available. Probably the most expensive stone is the colorless brilliant cut ones which are a rarity. The vivid yellow, oranges, pinks and purples are expensive too. But, the cheaper less vivid stones are quite beautiful, and in their right setting, may look very different and attractive.

The brown, yellow, gray and champagne hued diamonds are becoming exceedingly popular as a choice in the world of cheap diamond engagement rings. The mid-level range may actually dramatically reduce the cost of the stone to nearly 40% of colorless brilliant cut ones.

Size of the diamond is a deal breaker

The emotion that rules your heart when you propose to the love of your life is one that wants to impress and gratify. Impress your loved one with a stone that looks and feels beautiful and impressive. Do remember that tiny stones set in cheap diamond engagement rings may end up looking really unimpressive. They are best kept aside as you do not want to look cheap.

A small trick that most people do not know while buying cheap diamond engagement rings is that by choosing a stone that is not a rounded carat size often brings down the price substantially. For example a 95 cent stone set within cheap diamond engagement rings will not look much smaller than a one carat stone but the price may be substantially lesser. This is a good way to ensure a handsome ring without emptying your pocket. Look for odd sizes and enjoy a size that is similar but not much smaller than the optimal size you were looking for.

All these small tips will help you choose the best cheap diamond engagement rings without losing out or compromising in any way. It is intelligent to choose the store, from where you desire to buy your chosen ring, with great care. Malls are very expensive and there is almost a 20% markup due to overhead costs like rentals and infrastructure costs. These stores employ high cost staff too who are trained to sell you a higher value piece and you just might be tempted to buy a more expensive ring based on their recommendation.

Stick to your plan and your budget and start your hunt for cheap diamond engagement rings to impress your fiancé or fiancée. High quality yet cheap diamond engagement rings are known to last long and are fast making it to the trinket boxes of buyers of all generations and different walks of life. So, without any further ado, chalk out your budget and get going with the rings of your choice to make your special occasion of coming together all the more special. With the best cheap diamond engagement rings on your fingers, you can attract more than your fair share of glances from the guests at your engagement party.

Just log into your favorite sites selling cheap diamond engagement rings at a discount online and make your money go an extra mile. You will love to see the smile that comes your way when you slide the beautiful ring up your special someone’s finger.