Celebrate the past of your love, appreciate its presence, and commemorate the future of your eternal love. The three-stone-ring represents the past, present and future of your love.

The Classy Ring!

Popularly used as an engagement ring, our elegantly designed three stone diamond rings are also used for weddings or anniversaries. In most cases, the three stone rings in our collection at Dazzling Rock are composed of Trilogy styled rings. Trilogy means that the three stones would be of equal size. Here, you can also find charmingly styled three stone rings with a bigger central stone accompanied by two shoulder stones. In several instances, the rings also have extra diamonds to augment the beauty of the three stones set at the centre further.

For Eternity!

Each of our dazzling three stone diamond rings, are handcrafted to last an eternity. You are sure to find a perfect ring – from the most enduring to ultra modern ones – for expressing your true bond and everlasting love, only at Dazzling Rock.

We Provide Diamond Education!

Are you worried about how to go about selecting the most appropriate three stone ring for your loved one? At Dazzling Rock, we provide you with appropriate diamond education, designed to answer each of your queries and concerns about diamonds and diamond rings. You can choose the best ring that fits your budget, within a few minutes, by taking the help of our experts.

Customize the Perfection

Using the "Build your own three stone ring" feature on our website, you can create the perfect match for yourself. The steps for customizing such rings are easy to follow. First, you would need to select a center stone and side stones from amongst our collection of certified diamonds. Then, select the most exceptional quality setting for your ring. You will soon have a masterpiece on hand!

Way Ahead

Our jewelry pieces are crafted based on the highest quality standards. At our online store, you will find a huge collection of world-class premium cut diamonds. We bring you the best and strive continuously to make your three stone ring shopping all the more memorable!